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David Gans

</p>“I’m a sovereign soul/ And I do what I can to make sense of it all,” proclaims David Gans in one of his songs. As a singer and songwriter, he attempts to make sense of our crazy world through his perceptive lyrics.

His contributions and significance within the Grateful Dead community are noteworthy: as a journalist he contributed insightful interviews, books, and entertaining analogies for our passion; he also hosts the nationally syndicated weekly radio show Grateful Dead Hour, listened to by Deadheads across America.


Danny Carnahan & Wake the Dead

“We’re all part of a big, mostly happy musical family here in the Bay Area, and the more we look after one another, the better, both for local musicians and for the astonishing music scene that’s unique to the Bay Area.”

-Longtime Deadhead, musician and Rex supporter Danny Carnahan