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Checking in With Pete Sears

Moonalice band photoMost Rex fans are probably familiar with Pete Sears from his work back in the day with artists like Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, and in more recent times with our good friends and Rex Musical Caravan mainstays Moonalice. His name has also come up a lot in connection with his support of Rex grantee Project Avary. Perhaps not so well known, though, is the fact that Pete also knows Rex from the perspective of having been a grantee himself, with Rex having helped fund a human-rights video he made in 1988.


Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Discovering their inner musician, New York girls and young women find a whole new way to look at life. By Mary Eisenhart “We’ve found that girls who might not have ever met in their home communities in New York can come together and share a love of music, start working together and bring their ideas […]


Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls


Discovering their inner musician, New York girls and young women find a whole new way to look at life.

For the last two summers in New York City, the Willie Mae Rock Camp has given girls and young woman – mostly local, some from around the U.S. and beyond – a week of total immersion in music. And, quite often, a life-changing experience.


Tule Elk Park

Tule Elk Park Child Development Center By Mary Eisenhart “Whatever landscape a child is exposed to early on, that will be the sort of gauze through which he or she will see all the world afterwards.” —Wallace Stegner,(quote at entrance to Tule Elk Park) “Rita, who’s she?” an inquiring 5-year-old, pointing in my general direction, […]


Tule Elk Park Child Development Center

Originally founded in 1943, as the Yerba Buena Children’s Center, Tule Elk Park is part of the San Francisco public school system, with a full-day program for toddlers and preschoolers and an after-school program for kindergarteners through 4th graders.

Like most urban schools, the center was, for most of its existence, a barren expanse of concrete and asphalt, in a neighborhood where even a street tree is a rarity. But in 1990, it began a remarkable process of self-transformation that’s still ongoing.


Grantee Profiles Prior to 1995

Following are short descriptions of some of the groups Rex has supported. They represent the scope of our work from environmental, social and community services to the arts and cultural preservation. The Achievement Academy at Simon’s Recreation Center The Academy is a program which provides mentors to disadvantaged young people. Staffed by volunteers, the Academy […]