2002 Grantee Profiles

Clowns Without Borders
PO Box 460523
San Francisco, CA 94146
Bill Graham Award. No child without a smile. Clowns Without Borders seeks to improve the psychological condition of populations living in refugee camps and areas of conflict by organizing volunteer artist performances, and through performance workshops with children and with educators. CWB also seeks to raise our society’s awareness of affected populations and to promote a spirit of solidarity. Missions specific to this grant:

1) Future mission to Chiapas, Mexico, planned for Feb. & April 2003 2) Return expedition to Bhutanese Refugee Camps in Nepal. Over 100,000 refugees in 7 camps. Planned for Jan-Feb 2003.

Movimiento de Arte y Cultura
Latino Americana, Inc. (MACLA)
510 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Jerry Garcia Award. MACLA’s mission is to support Latino artists to create and showcase new work in the visual, literary and performance arts to help define, interpret and transform society. While most Latino community based art organizations have concentrated on the preservation and dissemination of traditional art forms, MACLA has been explicitly dedicated to supporting the work of Latino artists interested in creating symbols and language for a new society and a new time.
Save Our Sounds: The Zuni Tapes
American Folklife Center
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, D.C. 20540
Ralph J. Gleason Award. Save Our Sounds is a project of the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, which strives to preserve and digitize the most endangered sound recordings in the Center’s deteriorating analog media collections. As a result, these song and story collections will be permanently available to the public, researchers and musicologists. The Zuni collection, 400 hours of open-reel audiotape of over 800 stories, is said to be the largest single collection of folklore and folk history recorded concurrently from one Native American nation. The stories were told by 19 elders. The language of the tales, of course, is Zuni, and these recordings reveal a traditional style of oratory, of dramatic pacing, chanting and rhythmic speech, and other devices that mark all great oral literary traditions.
Peaceful Tomorrows
PO Box 1818
Peter Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009
Families of 9/11 victims have organized to seek ways to educate, advocate and work toward non-violent responses to terrorism. Their mission is to seek effective non-violent responses to terrorism, and to identify a commonality with all people similarly affected by violence throughout the world. By conscientiously exploring peaceful options in their search for justice, September 11 Families choose to spare additional innocent families the suffering they have already experienced, as well as to break the endless cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war.
The Gift of New York
The Gift of New York is a non-profit initiative that provides the families of those who died in the 9/11 attacks with access, at no cost, to the full range of the New York area’s theatrical, artistic, cultural, sports, and live entertainment through April 30, 2003, to help people in their transition from crisis to recovery. The initiative has the support of Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg, the endorsement of State and City cultural and community affairs officials, and participation by the arts, entertainment and sports communities. Over 2,000 families have registered, representing more than 10,000 people served.
Initiated as an immediate, grass roots response to September 11th, artists from all major disciplines, as well as public relations, marketing, and mental health professionals mobilized to promote healing through creative expression in times of crisis. The three primary services of ArtistCares are:
Creative arts healing workshops to promote healing through creative expression;
 Collaborative offerings, created with cultural and other organizations to meet community needs in times of crisis;
 Events where artists from many disciplines share their talents to reconnect communities with the arts.
To date, over 300 organizations have offered assistance and 100 artists and professionals have volunteered their services.
Glen Pettit Scholarship Fund
Association of Brookhaven Technical
Center Educators (ABTCE),
Brookhaven Technical Center,
350 Martha Ave.,
Bellport, NY 11713,
(631) 286-6500
A college scholarship fund to honor 30 year-old Glen Pettit, who lost his life at the World Trade Center while videotaping for the NYPD. As a student with learning challenges, Glen attended BOSES, a public vocational school. Glen connected with his videography class, and not only excelled at BOSES, but also went on to college and became a successful videographer and New York policeman. The Glen Pettit Scholarship fund will help BOSES students continue on to college.
Magic City Harvest
Paulette Van Matre, Exec. Director
P.O. Box 11292
Birmingham, AL 35202

A non-profit prepared and perishable food distribution program of greater Birmingham, helping to alleviate hunger, malnutrition and food waster through the distribution of donated excess foods to programs feeding those in need.

Project Avary
1018 Grand Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Project Avary is year-round support and enrichment program for Bay Area children, ages 8 to 15, who share the difficulties presented by a parent’s incarceration or ongoing involvement with the criminal justice system. Through two primary program components, Camp AVARY during the summer, and monthly Adventure Day gatherings throughout the school year, AVARY focuses on experimental learning, leadership development, creative arts, and recreation as means of improving opportunities and quality of life for this group of under-served children. The mission is to discourage cycles of violence and criminal activity by providing a consistent, nurturing community in which children may: 1) express themselves creatively, 2) cultivate trusting relationships with peers and adults, 3) build self-esteem and self knowledge, 4) practice managing their emotions in order to achieve productive outcomes, and 5) gain a broadened sense of what is possible in their lives.
Jaffe Institute James Cotton
P.O. Box 688 Angwin, CA 94508
707-965-0400 x33
The institute was created to teach people how to live in the essence of divine love, peace and mercy to all people. It is the unfolding of a new paradigm synthesizing traditional medical understandings of the body’s anatomy and pathology with the deeper understandings of spiritual healing. It is the medicine that treats the whole being’s body, heart, soul and spirit. It is a community of like-minded people showing a new way of what community really means living and loving together.
Bluegrass Academy for Kids
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
PO Box 535
Utica, NY 13503
The Bluegrass Academy for Kids was founded as an adjunct to the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in upstate NY to teach young people ages 5-17 to play, sing, write and perform the bluegrass style of American music. Its goals are to stimulate children’s interest in music and the preservation of this uniquely American music form, and to serve as a model for other organizations wishing to establish similar learning programs. Traditional styles of bluegrass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and bass re taught to all levels of school-aged students during an intensive four-day music camp located near Hillsdale, NY.
BOSS Urban Gardening Institute (BUGI)
Daniel Miller, Project Director
2880 Sacramento Street
Berkeley, CA 94702
The institute is a training, education and resource-sharing gardening project under the auspices of BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency). BOSS runs a network of shelters in Berkeley and Oakland, as well as medical clinics and job training programs. The Urban Gardening Institutes is dedicated to helping the homeless, many of them recovering drug addicts, become self sufficient by using horticulture as therapy and job training. Interns learn how to create and nurture organic gardens in urban environments, and in the process learn how to rebuild their lives and ultimately to find or create their own employment opportunities.
Centro Mujeres A.C.
Teresa Shields Gibson Ave.
Marquez de Leon 480 B
Centro-La Paz,
Baja California Sur c.p. 23000-Mexico
Centro Mujeres is a multi-service community health organization dedicated to the health and empowerment of young women and adolescents in Baja California. The organization provides health services, advocates for reproductive and sexual rights, and works to develop leadership skills in young women. The commitment is to marry community-based work with public policy advocacy to achieve social justice for women in Mexico. Centro Mujeres offers psychological counseling services to men and women, legal counseling to women, childbirth education classes, medical examinations and consultations to women, birth control services and AIDS prevention counseling and workshops. Currently two special projects are Creating Options for Adolescent Development and Orientation (COPADO), which is the only teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention program for junior high school students in Baja, and The Leadership Training Institute in Reproductive Health (PROMISE), a program to train women to be advocates for women’s health and reproductive rights.
Little Kids Rock
David Wish, Executive Director
116 Greenwood Ave
Montclair, NJ 07042
The mission of Little Kids Rock (LKR) is based upon its belief tht music is a critical component of a well-balanced education. Recognizing that today arts education in general and music in particular are minimal or completely absent in many schools, the organization was founded in 1996 to bring free music instruction to low-income children in public schools. The goal is to enable the students to write their own music and develop a musical voice at a young age. Consequently the emphasis is on composition and performance, rather than notation-based instruction. The focus is on popular music, including rock, funk, blues, rap and hip-hop. Each class culminates with a recording project featuring the LKR students (aged 5-12) playing popular pieces, and singing songs of their own composition. LKR furthers its mission by hosting free teacher workshops that train music mentors who will lead new classes on a volunteer basis outside of normal school hours, with their efforts supported by LKR, which also supplies guitars free of charge for use in the mentors’ classes. (Students who successfully complete the first year of the program and commit to a second year get to keep the guitar permanently.)
Standing Ovation Performing Arts
Helena Moss-Jack, Founder
7933 Hillmont Drive
Oakland, CA 94605
In a neighborhood where drum rolls are not heard as often as drive-by shootings and the majority of families live below the California median income, the mission of Standing Ovation Performing Arts (SOPA) program is to provide a quality music education in a nurturing environment. Based on a dedication to fostering aesthetic growth as an essential part of a child’s total education, SOPA is a fund that allows an underfunded music program in a poor school that serves a neglected populace to become an actual music program. It is believed that music education enhances these underprivileged students’ scholastic and life experience giving them something of which they can be proud.
Ruckus Society
Nisha Anand, Development Director
369 15th Street
Oakland, CA 94612-3303
Ruckus Society provides environmental and human rights organizers with the tools, training and support needed to achieve their goals. The mission is: 1) To train leadership and teach activism by implementation of nonviolent direct action. 2 Organize strategic development for campaign goals 3) Establish broad coalitions with common objectives 4) Teach effective media outreach and internet activism 5) Include respect for all living beings and commit to the power of diversity
Suya Indians
Mato Grosso Brazil
The Suya Indian community is a tightly organized indigenous group, known in Brazil as a tribe, that speaks a distinctive language and has established and maintained distinctive cultural identity. The Suya, through political and judicial action recently recovered 580 square miles of their former territory by a Brazilian government decree. They are working to protect the flora and fauna of that territory and adjacent territory of theirs, as well as to repair damage to their reclaimed lands caused by Brazilian cattle ranching between 1970 and 1995. The Rex Foundation grant will provide the communication equipment needed to enable the Suyas to communicate easily among their villages, monitor trespassers and mobilize teams to take action as needed.
Bread and Roses
Cassandra Flipper, Exec. Director
233 Tamalpais Drive, suite 100,
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Founded in 1974 by performer Mimi Fariña, Bread and Roses brings free, live performances to people isolated in Bay Area institutions. Over 500 shows are produced yearly for a total audience of 19,000 in convalescent homes, hospitals, AIDS facilities, homeless and senior centers, psychiatric, rehabilitation and correctional facilities, as well as centers for abused and neglected children. Over 1,200 performing artists, from amateurs to professionals, donate their time and talents on an annual basis. Mimi Farina passed away in July 2001, a loss touching thousands of people. Though such a loss is profound, Mimi created a vibrant organization and community of performers and volunteers committed to carrying out her vision to uplift the human spirit with the magic of art and music. The Rex Foundation, a long-standing supporter of Bread and Roses, is grateful to once again contribute to their vital work.
Heart, Mind, Body, Soul
Jim Corbett, 7869 Washington Ave.,
Sebastopol, CA 95472,
A Music Program for Grades K-3 Jim Corbett, known as Mr. Music has been teaching music to Sonoma County elementary school students for the past 15 years. This year, Jim initiated the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul program which will present up to 45 minutes for each grade level (K-3) for 32 weeks, covering vocal training, rhythm techniques, dance and movement, and music appreciation. Because of budget restrictions, many schools have eliminated music from their curriculum. With community support, Heart, Mind, Body, Soul can now be brought to hundreds of children.
The Solentiname,
Nicaragua Friendship Group
John Brentlinger
PO Box 2006
Ashfield, MA 01330
The Solentiname, Nicaragua Friendship Group of Western Massachusetts works with the residents of a group of islands in Lake Nicaragua. The Friendship Group helps some 1,200 people turn their artistic talents into a resource by selling their artwork in galleries and craft fairs across New England, creating a self-sustaining indigenous economy. The Group is now expanding the arts program to the children of the islands, including the provision of art supplies, music and musical instruments, and teachers chosen from within the community, bringing opportunities to adults for teaching. Given the need for general education and literacy improvement, the Friendship Group envisions this arts program bringing new stimulus to many other areas, such as ecology.