Benefit Concert — Life, Music, and the Pursuit of Happiness 3-28-2003


A Special Evening of Acoustic Music to Benefit the Rex Foundation
Featuring Bruce Hornsby
Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman and DJ Logic
Mickey Hart and Friends…
Friday, March 28, 2003
Marin Civic Exhibit Hall and Auditorium

Drinks, Dinner, Reception with the Artists and Silent Auction at the Marin Civic Exhibit Hall Concert at Marin Civic Auditorium

The Grateful Dead presented the first Rex Benefit concert in the spring of 1984 at the Marin Civic Auditorium. Since then, the Rex Foundation has granted over $7 million to some 900 programs to support the arts, cultural survival, a sustainable environment, education, economic and social justice. Many Rex Foundation grantees are grassroots programs that might not otherwise receive mainstream recognition, yet work in innovative, bold, and sometimes controversial ways to bring about helpful solutions to challenging situations.

In December 2001, with The Healing Power of Music benefit concert, we initiated our renewal efforts in the absence of direct Grateful Dead concert funding. We experienced the magical combination of community and music to benefit the greater good, and this became the basis for our efforts in 2002. In this last year we have sought to present and engage in activities that honor the spirit of community, service and the arts. Thanks to the resounding response of so many generous supporters, in 2002, our first year of substantial funding since 1995, we granted $156,500 to 20 excellent programs, both locally and internationally.

Our second annual benefit takes place in the midst of unsettling times, as we all grapple with economic and global instability. Grassroots programs are struggling to survive, and many people face personal challenges. Yet, it is in difficult times when grassroots activity is most important. We come together, particularly now, to brighten our spirits and share good will. Everyone participating in this event – musicians, production staff, in-kind contributors, ticket purchasers, generous supporters, and volunteers – are making it possible to not only celebrate the joy of community, but also to support the Rex Foundation’s efforts to once again fund many worthwhile programs.
Thank you. Enjoy the evening.

Sandy Sohcot, Executive Director
Rex Foundation Board of Directors

The Rex Foundation Thanks All Whose Generous Efforts Made This Event Possible


Mickey Hart Bruce Hornsby
Bob Weir Rob Wasserman
DJ Logic Marion Boyd
Howard Cohe Brian Conners
Russ Eddy David Gans
GDTS, TOO Freddy Hahne & R We Really
Chris Haueser Gary Houston
Shelley Hunter Michael Kirk
Russ Knudsen Susan Letcher
Nancy Mallonee Marriott Hotels
Dennis McNally Susana Millman
James Olness Chris Panos and Athena Mills
Chuck Randall John Scher
John Sellars Dick Tipping
Alan Trist

Special thanks to all volunteers for their invaluable help.

Event Production
An Active Music Production
Susann McMahon
Kim Teevan
Rex Foundation Staff & Office Volunteers
Sandy Sohcot, Executive Director
Chris Meharg
Debbie Matson
Tamara Klamner
Jerry Illiano
Bob Hollis

Concert Co-Chairs
Carolyn Garcia
Freddy Hahne
Michael Klein
Nick Morgan
Cliff Palefsky

Table and Seating Sponsors

Angelica Foundation Diane Blagman
Larry Brilliant Pam and Dennis Fisco
Carolyn Garcia Freddy Hahne
Roxanne and Michael Klein Jackie Kolenko
John Leopold Roger McNamee
Modulus Guitars Nick Morgan
Cliff Palefsky John Powel
Red Horse Constructors Nancy and Rich Robbins
Joseph J Rogavich Ellen and Douglas Rosenberg
Danny Rifkin Reno for Rex
Sandy Sohcot The Sierra Club Mutual Funds
Barry Sundance Melody and Tim Whicher

In Kind Goods and Services

Ace Mailing
(415) 863-4223
Clif Bar, Inc.
510 558-7855
Dimitroff’s Frame Shop
173 Throckmorton Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 388-1317
Grateful Dead Merchandise
Gary Houston
(503) 248-0510
(415) 389-1156
James Olness Enterprises
(415) 278-9620
Susana Millman, Photographer
(415) 648-0461
Nandi Imports
(707) 763-0888
New Leaf Paper
(415) 291-9210
Relix Magazine
(646) 230-0110
Studio Solo
(415) 459-1111
The Flying Other Brothers
Waller Press
(650) 589-6262
Silent Auction Treasures



Alexander’s Decorative Rugs
(415) 383-3908
Ayris Hatton “Ayris Arts”
(415) 472-7022
Bread and Roses
(415) 945-7120
Coturri Winery
(866) 268-8774
Gary Houston
(503) 248-0510
Susana Millman, Photographer
(415) 648-0461
Modulus Guitars
(415) 884-2300
Maria and Glen Pellath
Susie Reed, Artist Irene Schlesinger
John Sheilds J. Barry Silbergeld
Art & Love of Music
(314) 994-7107
Silver Oaks Cellars/Tim Duncan
(800) 273-8809
VinGlo Galley / Wavy Gravy
(415) 460-5363
Bill Walton Wavy Gravy

Food and Beverages

Cheese Cake City
(800) 243-3732
Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant
(415) 386-8439
Epic Roots
(415) 331-8271
BR Cohn Winery
(800) 330-4064
Il Fornaio
(415) 945-4221
Coturri Winery
(866) 268-8774
Rin’s Thai Restaurant
(707) 938-1462
Frey Vineyards
(800) 760-3739
Robata Grill & Sushi
(415) 381-8400
Kenwood Vineyard
(707) 833-5891
(415) 924-5004
Lagunitas Beer
(707) 769-4495
Yank Sing
(415) 362-4799
Old Vine Imports/Bryan Harlan
(800) 762-2809
Sweet Things
(415) 388-8583
Peter Franus Wine Company
(707) 945-0542
Trinity Water
(800) 499-2837
Starbucks Vintage Oaks
(415) 898-4147
Wine Library/Eddie Gelsman
(707) 765.0700

Mark Peterson 1963 – 2003 The Rex Foundation sends its condolences to the family and friends of Mark Peterson. Mark was on his way to California, to be part of Mickey Hart’s production team for Life, Music and the Pursuit of Happiness, when he was involved in a terrible car accident that ultimately resulted in his death.

Mark was Mickey Hart’s drum technician, responsible for all aspects of the set up and break down of Mickey’s percussive instruments. Most recently, Mark worked with Mickey on his Bembe Orisha tour, and the 2002 tour of the Other Ones.

Mark, along with all the people who have generously volunteered their time and talents to support our efforts, make all the difference.