2003 Grantee Profiles

Parents’ Circle: Families Forum of Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Families
Gon Kafri, Dir. of Development,
114 West 36th.
New York, NY 10001
Bill Graham Award. The Families Forum members have all lost a close relative due to the ongoing violence in the Middle East. Since its founding in1955, the Families Forum has promoted reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge which have been the prevailing responses of Palestinians and Israelis to the ongoing violence in the region. The Award is supporting the Parents’ Circle programs that specifically involve young people:
– The Hello Shalom, Hello Salaam project has succeeded in establishing routes of personal, direct contact between Israelis and Palestinians through telephone calls. By increasing the communication between Israeli and Palestinians both sides will become aware of the rival sides suffering, enhancing empathy and reducing the level of hatred.
– The High School Lecture Series has proven to be a highly effective tool in introducing youth to notions of tolerance and compromise as a means to solving the conflict, of choosing reconciliation over revenge.
Precita Center
Mission Neighborhood Center
Tracy Brown-Gallardo
Director of Youth Services
534 Precita Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110
Jerry Garcia Award. The Mission Neighborhood Centers strive to improve the quality of life in the greater Mission community of San Francisco by providing culturally sensitive human services that support and empower individuals and families. The Precita Center after school enrichment program offers comprehensive, quality programming for youth ages 5 to 18, which addresses individual needs of each youth, encouraging them to engage in their own education and to make healthy choices in the process.
Chris Strachwitz
Arhoolie Foundation

10341 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito, CA
Ralph J. Gleason Award. Chris Strachwitz established the Arhoolie Foundation for the purpose of helping to document, present, and disseminate authentic traditional and regional vernacular music. The goal is to educate the public about the history and present state of such music by making research publications available to the communities of origin as well as to the public at large
Art in Action Camp
Alli Star
1002 ½ Dolores Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Art in Action Camp is dedicated to bringing tools for personal and social empowerment to young people through art and music. The camps support youth leadership in communities most impacted by poverty, pollution, violence and exploitation, providing supportive space for sharing stories, cultural rituals and dreams. Participants, ages 16-25 are lower-income youth of color, working class youth and other burgeoning artist’s and activists who are working for justice in their communities.
Amicus Foundation
James Winkler
4217 Waipua Street
Kilauea, HI 96754
Amicus Foundation is the parent organization of a family of philanthropic endeavors.
Amicus is currently concentrating its efforts in both the kingdom of Bhutan and in Thailand, providing women and children with improved living conditions and opportunities for education.
One of the programs the Rex grant will help support is the matching of orphaned children with older people who would otherwise be alone. The organization is committed to preserve and maintain the spiritual and cultural integrity of ancient and traditional cultures as they transition into a global community.
Adopt a Family of Marin
Anya Grange
1930 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Adopt a Family of Marin provides emergency financial assistance and emotional support to families in Marin County that, due to illness, abandonment, loss of employment, work hours reduction or other catastrophes are in need of temporary help. The organization’s primary goal is preventing homelessness. It provides temporary rent subsidies or security deposits and food money to keep families from falling apart and becoming homeless.
Beyond Borders
Lisa Pavlovsky
5221 Paradise Drive
Corte Madera, CA
A five-week summer program and on-going connecting activities, serving an ethnically and economically diverse group of fifty 9-11 year olds from 18 different schools throughout Marin and San Francisco. Beyond Borders’ mission is to develop future leaders by 1) Inspiring children to reach beyond borders of race, economic circumstances, culture and language; 2) Nurturing a deeper understanding of backgrounds, identities and values; 3) Challenging children to explore and celebrate differences and discover and appreciate commonalities; and 4) Fostering these perspectives within their schools and communities.
Black Rock Arts Foundation
Jess Bobier
1900 3rd Street,1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158

The mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation is to support and promote community-based interactive art that includes social participation. The process whereby this art is created, the means by which it is displayed and the character of the work itself should inspire immediate actions that connect people to one another in a larger communal context. The programs and goals are fivefold and include: furnishing artists with direct financial aid for production and display; assisting artists in developing communal networks; identifying sites for public presentation; educating a larger public concerning interactive art and assisting artists in career development

Bonita House
Rick Crispino
6333 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 102
Oakland, CA
Bonita House has developed innovative approaches to the delivery of community-based care for adults with dual diagnosis of both psychiatric and substance use disorders. Its mission is to build community, dignity and hope in people recovering from disabilities by providing a full range of integrated services including a residential treatment program, supported independent living program and a creative living center.
Camp Winnarainbow
Wavy Gravy
Camp Winnarainbow is a non-profit circus and performing arts summer camp that provides a small, protected environment where each summer, 700 children try new activities and ways of interrelating to one another. The Camp values the uniqueness of each individual within the diverse racial, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds that comprise the community.
Camp Winnarainbow provides a training ground to nurture leaders for a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable culture. The Rex Foundation grant funds the Camp’s scholarship program.
Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
Wrye Sententia
PO Box 73481
Davis, CA 95617-3481
The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE) works solely to advance sustainable social policies that protect freedom of thought. CCLE was founded to promote public awareness and legal recognition of cognitive liberty and the right of each individual to think independently, to have decision-making authority over matters affecting his or her mind, and to engage in the full spectrum of possible thought. CCLE bases its policies on the guiding values of privacy, autonomy and choice.
Children’s Book Project
Vicky Pollack
45 Holly Park Circle
San Francisco, CA 94110
The purpose of the Children’s Book Project is to help economically disadvantaged children learn to read by providing the children and their shelters, schools and daycare facilities with books and other resources. Since its beginning in January 1992, the Children’s Book Project has given over 500,000 free books to hundreds of facilities serving thousands of children.
Destiny Arts Center
Renee Heider
1000 42nd St
Oakland, CA 94608
The mission of Destiny Arts Center is to empower a diverse community of youth, ages 3-18, through arts education and violence prevention in a collaborative environment that promotes peace. Caring adult mentors provide after school youth leadership classes and workshops.
The center does outreach at local schools and community centers to youth of color and low-income and offers financial accessibility to all.
Drums Not Guns
Roberto Hernandez
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc
1333 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
The goal of Drums Not Guns is to reduce the number of guns available to youth in the community by offering participation in an inspirational performing arts program in exchange for a weapon. They seek to create an atmosphere of trust between youth and select staff mentors. Artist instructors mentor the youth individually and as a group in community locations designated safe havens from gang activities.
Endangered Music Project
Kelsand Aukatsang
Tides Foundation
P.O. Box 29903
San Francisco, CA
The Endangered Music Project was originally established to fund the artists featured on the series of five Endangered Music Project CDs. The Rex Foundation grant will help expand this effort to fund an even broader group of indigenous communities and artists throughout the world to support the preservation of their endangered music.
Heart, Mind, Body and Soul
Jim Corbett
7869 Washington Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Heart, Mind, Body and Soul is a plug in music program that provides quality music instruction in grades K-3. Each class receives one half hour of instruction per week for 32 weeks in vocal, rhythm, dance and music appreciation. The program serves 10 schools throughout Sonoma County, helping to keep music programs for elementary school children despite severe school budget cuts.
Colin Rajah
333 Valencia Street, Suite 325
San Francisco, CA
415-431-4204 x206
JustAct coordinates a national U.S. network of about 30 progressive grassroots organizations, led primarily by youth of color. The organizations work on a variety of local issues including the prison industrial complex, education, and environmental justice. The purpose for the network is to develop common goals and strategies for the member organizations to collectively organize around and be more effective in terms of movement building and social justice organizing.
Craig Anderson
618 4th St, # 217
Santa Rosa, CA
LandPaths works with local, public and private organizations to: 1) Secure, develop and manage access to preserved lands that otherwise would be restricted from community use; 2) Conduct ongoing land management through development and implementation of stewardship plans including native habitat restoration and enhancement when necessary; 3) Encourage responsible land stewardship by working with both users and owners of preserved lands to identify and maintain practices that conserve lands for the long-term enjoyment of all potential users, and 4) Provide education programs teaching youth to be responsible stewards of the land.
Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County
Marty Bennett
PO Box 427
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
The Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County believes that the dignity of all work demands just wages to meet today’s living costs. A living wage includes income and benefits sufficient for basic housing, healthcare, child care, nutrition, transportation, education and retirement.
To this end, the LWCSC is focused on educating our entire community about the necessity of legislating living wages to foster a better society.
Mattole Restoration Council
Chris Larson
PO Box 160
Petrolia, CA 95558
The Mattole Restoration Council is committed to restoring health to the Mattole River watershed. Through the Mattole Good Roads and Clear Creeks programs the council aims to reduce sediment inputs into the wild Mattole River and its tributaries. The Council works closely with the Mattole Salmon Group.
Mattole Salmon Group
Ray Lingel
PO Box 188
Petrolia, CA 95558
The Mattole Salmon Group is dedicated to restoring Salmon populations along the Mattole River. The group has developed a protocol from the best available scientific sources to measure eight parameters of salmonid habitat and water quality. Through Rescue Rearing and Hatchbox programs they have been able to both maintain Salmon trapped by silting and to propagate genetically wild Chinook Salmon and later release them as the mouth of the River opens.
The group works closely with the Mattole Restoration Council
Mwangaza Tanzania
David Greenwald
P.O. Box 1004
Chicago, IL 60610-0074
Mwangaza Tanzania is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals, especially children, in underserved, rural northern Tanzania by providing medical, rehabilitative and educational services for the physically disabled. The focus is on grassroots, community-based projects that foster long-term self-sufficiency. Mwangaza Tanzania has created a model of working with local communities to overcome barriers to obtaining needed health care and to carrying out educational programs for preventative action.
Seeds of Learning
Tania Carlone
Executive Director
585 Fifth Street
West Sonoma, CA 95476
The mission of Seeds of Learning is to promote conditions for quality learning in developing countries and communities of the Americas. They seek to educate North Americans about the rich cultural diversity and social needs of the poorer rural communities of Central America.
The Rex grant helps with the construction of a two classroom school and latrine in El Continental, Usulutan, El Salvador.
Sierra Madre Alliance
Randy Gingrich
PO Box 40474
Tucson, AZ 85717
The mission of Sierra Madre Alliance is to advise and support their Mexican partners to advance community based conservation, appropriate development, and environmental and agrarian justice in the Sierra Madre Occidantal of Mexico. One of the principal goals is to empower indigenous people. Bilingual education and leadership training, community planning and mapping of resources are focus areas. Inclusion of traditional knowledge into the education strengthens the culture.
Shared Adventures
Foster Anderson
90 Grandview Street #B101
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Shared Adventures is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with disabilities. For over a decade Shared Adventures has offered hundreds of life enriching recreational and social opportunities, such as kayaking, surfing, outrigger canoeing, river rafting, dance parties, and yoga, to people in and around Santa Cruz County with special needs.
U’wa Defense Project (UDP)
Ana Maria Murillo
Presidio P.O. Box 29457
San Francisco, CA 94129
UDP provides legal, community development, advocacy and research support to the Indigenous U’wa people in Colombia as they work to defend their life, land and cultural autonomy, particularly in defense of the lethal effects of petroleum extraction. UDP is currently focused on building the leadership and technical capacity of U’wa youth and a Legal Defense program enabling the U’wa to further a number of precedent setting legal cases in Columbian and international courts to stop drilling on U’wa land. All of UDP’s projects are created under the guidance of the U’wa Traditional Authorities, the legal and community-elected representatives of the U’wa.
Water Information Network
Jaime Chavez
Regional Coordinator
Box 4524
Albuquerque, NM 87106
WIN focuses on issues of the environment and of environmental justice for Native Americans and Mexican-Americans and other low-income residents of New Mexico, the Four Corners area, West Texas and the US-Mexican border regions. The Rex grant will support the Zuni Salt Lake Campaign, the goal of which is to permanently stop the development of a new 18,000 acre coal strip mine near Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.
Watsonville por la Paz
Consuela Alba
1215 5th Avenue
Watsonville, CA 95076
The goal of Watsonville pro la Paz is to empower the Latino community at the local level in a manner that reflects and respects the culture of the community.
Their aim is threefold:
1. To educate the community on issues relating to war and peace that are not generally covered in the mainstream media;
2. To encourage Latinos to become more politically active ‘to use their political voice’,
3. To educate youth and their parents on post-secondary education opportunities and alternatives to military service, as a counterweight to the heavy military recruitment in local schools and in the media.