Project: Help Mexico


We have returned from Mexico and thanks to the Rex Foundation grant, we were able to:

  • re-roof a rehabilitation centre in Tijuana
  • give toy-making workshops at an orphanage in Ensenada
  • give weaving workshops to community children in Tijuana

<p>Project: Help Mexico</p><p>Project: Help Mexico</p>

We were also able to build another house in a barrio outside of Tijuana. We were also able to provide the family with a fridge, table and chairs. The family consists of a father, mother, 2 sons and 3 daughters. They were gracious and warm and worked along side us, and when we handed over the keys the father said that we would be remembered by his family for generations to come and that we were always welcome in their home.

<p>Project: Help Mexico</p><p>Project: Help Mexico</p>

The mother sang a song about how we have changed their lives forever and that they will be forever grateful. She finished by telling the students not to feel sorry for her or her family, because, although they have few possesions, they have a family and that the family has a future. It was all very amazing and our students were totally overwhelmed with emotion.

Thank you for your support and please pass on our appreciation to all concerned. — Don