Living Tree Paper Company


<p></p>Bob Frankel of Living Tree Paper Co., in a communication last year congratulating Rock the Earth, a Rex grantee in 2005, related the following story:

“Thirteen years ago, back in a time when the Rex Foundation was funded by the Grateful Dead’s three-night run at the Cal Expo, an environmental activist, living in a yurt in the back country of Eugene, Oregon, had an idea. With a deep passion for ecology, she founded a publication called Talking Leaves.* While following her pursuit to bring this publication to fruition she decided it should be printed on non tree based paper. With the help of a friend and the generosity of the Rex Foundation, she was able to print her publication on what was then considered a relatively new concept — “tree-free paper”. Her name is Carolyn Moran and while she no longer manages Talking Leaves, her efforts brought her to founding Living Tree Paper Co. I think it would be safe to say, that if it were not for Rex, I would not be typing this today.”


Today Living Tree Paper is a thriving business, based in Eugene, Oregon, offering a variety of environmentally preferable paper products made from non-wood fibers, and post-consumer waste, and printed with soy-based inks. A more recent connection that happened right around the time of Bob’s correspondence occurred when The Dark Star Orchestra did a fundraiser for Rex at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Jamie Huntsman, an artist of Bitter Sweet Creations contributed her talents to create a beautiful poster for the event, printed as a generous contribution by and on Living Tree Paper.


*The original Rex grant was to the Deep Ecology Education Project, which led to the publication Talking Leaves, which is still being published.