The 10,000 Lakes Festival


On Friday, July 20th, at 2:00 p.m. Matt Butler and The Everyone Orchestra started their performance at the Field Stage of the 10,000 Lakes Festival (10KLF). At 3:10, Matt signaled the start of the “Rex Jam”, and invited Sandy Sohcot, Rex Foundation Executive Director, to say a few words.

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Noting Rex Foundation work to support grassroots programs across the U.S. and internationally, Sandy described the Rex Community Caravan, where everyone supporting the Foundation, from 10KLF, to musicians like The Everyone Orchestra and individual supporters like the fans on the field who can be philanthropists with donations of $5 or more, help Rex carry out its mission.


To demonstrate the power of these connections, Sandy explained that all dollars raised during the Rex Jam to follow would be donated to the Detroit Lakes High School Band Instrument program. And, as Heather Trowbridge, the Band Instructor, stated, “Because of such contributions, students who could not afford their own instruments would now be able to participate.”


The music started, and the 7 local community volunteers including Heather Trowbridge, School Board member Deanna Sinclair, Noon Rotary Club President Dr. Jay Johnson and his wife, Anne McKay, Rotarian and Historic Holmes Theatre Executive Director Amy Stoller Stearns, and just graduated high school students and Interact Club members, Jamie Blackburn and Felicia Johnson, walked among the fans, wearing their Rex Community Caravan t-shirts and extending their donation collection containers.


About 20 minutes later, the contributions were counted and totaled $1,635.00, showing how donations of $5 or more quickly add up and, in this instance, make it possible for a few more students to be part of the local high school band