What Will It Take? Your Thoughts Please


In the current Rex Foundation newsletter, we note that in 1983 Buckminster Fuller proclaimed: “We can now solve all the problems of hunger and need across the world, having all the available resources and technology; all that we need is the political will.” And yet, nearly a quarter century later, those problems and many others persist.

For the newsletter, we asked some Rex supporters for their thoughts on the question: “How do we find the will to generate positive solutions to current world challenges?” Here are some of their inspiring responses:

“The will is always a matter of the individual taking small steps and a leader at the top to help show the way.” – Phil Eisengart

“Look beyond our own comfortable blessed lives and see how others less fortunate live.” – Michael Fasman

“We find the will by being an example for others and working together with others for social change. We need to always have hope.” – Janet Leach

What do you think? We welcome your thoughts. We also encourage a wide range of viewpoints; please treat your fellow participants with respect.