The Music Never Stops


Last Saturday evening, December 15, the Rex Foundation hosted another Black Tie Dye Ball called The Music Never Stops at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. The event featured Bob Weir & Ratdog, Little Feat, and The Waybacks. 450 people attended a pre-concert banquet reception. The rest of the sold out festive Warfield crowd filled the venue after dinner. 
The music was highly received starting with the Waybacks from Marin County who were joined by Bob Weir. They were followed by the Little Feat freight train that infused the Warfield with that fabulous New Orleans “riddim”. Ratdog’s set included the serendipitous return of Mark Karan adding to the guitar mix of Barry Sless with Weir’s eclectic rhythms.
The Rex Foundation benefit event included a silent auction of classic memorabilia, and an installation of a work of art by the Art Police who created the Rex Community Caravan Bus. Attendees had many photo opportunities to pose with the Bus which represents the grassroots campaign to involve individuals and bands with the Rex Foundation’s philanthropy. 
Here is a link to photos of the performances that many attendees referred to as a “magical evening”. Blair Jackson has posted an elegant review of the evening at Dead.net.
The Rex Foundation’s goal is to Further the Tradition of Grassroots Giving created by the Grateful Dead, Family and Friends. We hope you will be there to celebrate with us next time, because the music never stops.