2008 Grantee Profiles

Ali Akbar College of Music
215 West End Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
2008 RALPH J. GLEASON AWARD. The mission of the Ali Akbar College of Music is to teach, perform and preserve the classical music of North India, specifically the Seni Baba Allauddin Gharana (tradition), and to offer this great musical legacy to all who wish to learn. The Rex grant will go to support the Library and Archive Project , which will house the ongoing collection of Ali Akbar Khan and his college in order to make it accessible to students, scholars, and music lovers.
All Stars Project, San Francisco Bay Area
870 Market St, Ste 561
San Francisco, CA 94102
2008 JERRY GARCIA AWARD.The All Stars Project, San Francisco Bay Ares brings the All Stars “performatory” approach to inner-city youth development to California’s Bay Area. ASP creates outside of school, educational and performing arts activities for poor and minority young people and is at the forefront of a new trend in education, known as supplemental education, which recognizes outside of school learning opportunities as critical to urban children’s success in school and in life.
The Beat Within
275 Ninth St
San Francisco, CA 94103
2008 BILL GRAHAM AWARD.The Beat Within provides incarcerated youth the means for self-expression and positive connection with their community through weekly writing and conversation workshops and weekly publication of their writing and art. The Beat is committed to providing aftercare services for ex-detained and at-risk youth including job training, mentoring, peer-support, psycho-social support services, individual and group mental health counseling,
Hearts of Gold (HoG)
19 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
The mission of Hearts of Gold is to enhance the lives of New York City’s homeless mothers and their children. HoG is expanding its involvement with various New York City shelters, supporting existing programs and creating new ones based on the needs of each individual shelter. HoG dollars go directly to those in need, helping them get through the day and beyond. Once families move out of shelters and are on their own, HoG continues to provide them with essentials needed to sustain productive lives. Funds from the Rex grant will be used to support the Homework Help Program that supports an academic after school environment in the shelter and provides a hot meal for the families.

1 Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123

Nextcourse improves the health of individuals and communities by designing innovative and collaborative educational programs that inspire people to purchase, cook and ear healthier, locally produced foods. Nextcourse’s strategy is threefold: to serve youth and low-income communities to make nutritious foods available to these areas; to strengthen meaningful and lasting partnerships with like-minded organizations, and to inspire and motivate people to action to become stewards for a better local food system.

Rhythmix Cultural Works (RCW)
2513 Blanding Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Rhythmix Cultural Works is committed to offering a wide range of high quality arts experiences in dance, music, theater, new media, education and cultural exchange opportunities for youth, families and adults in Alameda and the surrounding East Bay region of California. Through performances, classes and exhibits, RCW seeks to encourage participation in the arts, support artists in the creation and presentation of new work and establish itself as a community venue for local artists, events and gatherings.
Seeing Peace — Richard Kamler, Artist
Seeing Peace is a visionary international initiative that seeks to bring the imagination – proactively, through the presence of the artist – to the table of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Rex grant is specifically for the Seeing Peace Billboard Project that is an exhibition/community event. The intent is to engage artists from South Africa, Iran, Burma, Cuba, US, Iraq, Palestine, Israel and Portugal to create one piece of art reflecting their unique cultural perspective as to what peace looks like on 12′ x 25′ billboards in San Francisco. The public installation of these culturally distinct images on centrally located billboards in San Francisco will press members of the community to reflect on what peace looks like and to challenge their own vision of peace.


Family of Woodstock
PO Box 3516
Kingston, NY 12402
Family of Woodstock provides all emergency shelter and food programs in Ulster County, NY for individuals and families. Family of Woodstock assists those seeking shelter by providing confidential and fully accessible crisis intervention, prevention and support services to help address long-standing issues which have led to their homelessness. The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at Mt. Jam and is to be used to establish an art and music program to support the youth in Family of Woodstock’s homeless shelters.
336 W 49th Street, 1RW
New York, NY 10019
HeadCount’s mission is to encourage participation in democracy among music fans through organized voter registration efforts, education and activities that point young people on a path toward activism. The organization has three objectives: register voters; spread the message about the importance of voting and the issues voting impacts; provide the activists of tomorrow with an organized structure through which they can easily make a difference.
KindTree Productions, Inc
2096 ½ Arthur Street
Eugene, OR 97405
The mission of KindTree is to serve and celebrate the autism community through art, recreation and education. The program sponsors summer camps and retreats, promoting problem solving through networking and support groups. Autism Rocks Art Program has evolved from displaying art by people with autism in public and art galleries with the goal to grow the program to provide significant income to artists while developing a sense of accomplishment and community connection and awareness.
Morgantown High School Music Department
109 Wilson Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26501
Music programs at Morgantown High include choir, jazz ensemble, marching band, orchestra and wind ensemble. Although the music department is funded by the Monongalia County School District, concerts and performances are supplemented by a parent run booster club. The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at the All Good Festival and is to be used to further support the music department at Morgantown High.
Plumas County Save our Schools Program(SOS)
67 Rheinfelder
Portola, CA 96122
Plumas S.O.S. is a group of parents, business owners and concerned citizens dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of education within the Plumas Unified School District by securing long-term funding sources for quality public education. The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at High Sierra Music Festival and is to support existing arts and music programs.
University High School Music Department
991 Price Street
Morgantown, WV 26505
Music programs at University High School include jazz ensemble, marching band and wind ensemble. Although the music department is funded by the Monongalia County School District, concerts and performances are supplemented by fundraisers sponsored by a parent run booster club. The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at the All Good Festival and is to be used to further support the music department at University High.


American Musical Heritage Foundation
PO Box 66493
Santa Cruz, CA 95067
The American Musical Heritage Foundation is dedicated to collecting and archiving records and related historical documents and artifacts in order to preserve our rich musical heritage. The AMHF recognizes that records are a vital and endangered component of our cultural history, and that they have captured important moments and trends in culture like no other medium. The AMHF believes that it is important to create an international archive of original analog recordings which can be accessed by everyone.
Burlington City Arts
149 Church St
Burlington, VT 05401
The Seven Below Arts Initiative is a partnership between Burlington City Arts and musician Trey Anastasio to foster artistic development and support arts education in the state of Vermont. Seven Below offers artistic residency sessions, to allow artists both the time and the space needed for them to focus on their work. Seven Below also offers a educational outreach program, in which each resident artist leads an educational activity involving local community members.
Children’s Book Project
45 Holly Park Circle
San Francisco, CA 94110
The mission of the Children’s Book Project is to help economically disadvantaged children learn to read by providing the children and the facilities that serve them with books and other resources. Since their beginning in January of 1992, the Children’s Book Project has given over one million books to hundreds of facilities serving thousands of children in the San Francisco Bay Area.
PO Box 3084
Worchester, MA 01613
The mission of Concepts4Charity is to engage youth in philanthropy and/or the resolutions to community issues through sports and the arts. Their goals are to increase volunteering and philanthropic activities, provide and promote opportunities for civic engagement, and to collaborate with community nonprofits to promote their mission.
UpBeat Drum Circles
PO Box 55245
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91385-0245
UpBeat Drum Circles was begun to help rebuild the spirits of the people in northern Iraq. The Kurdistan Save the Children program is a section of this program that works to ensure a better future for children in Kurdistan through improving their family, economic, social, psychological, health, education, and housing conditions. The Rex grant will support the establishment of ongoing drum circles at all seven Kurdistan Save the Children Youth Activity Centers in northern Iraq, including Sulymania, Koya, Rania, Kalar, Darbardikahan, Khanaqeem, and Kirkuk.
Eyak Preservation Council (EPC)
PO Box 460
Cordova, AK 99574
The foundation of the Eyak Preservation Council’s work is the preservation of Copper River Wild Salmon. EPC’s goal is to protect wild salmon habitat permanently by envisioning and creating sustainable communities in which society, economics, and education all reinforce the wild salmon way of life. EPC is not trying to stop progress, but rather, to shape it for maximum community health over centuries.
International Accountability Project
221 Pine St, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
The International Accountability Project (IAP) challenges destructive development projects that uproot and impoverish millions of people across the Global South. Working with grassroots and international partners, IAP advocates for international policies that respect the rights and livelihoods of people threatened by unjust development and supports communities to hold their ground and defend their homes, environment and human rights.
Restoring Eden
PO Box 877
La Center, WA 98629
Restoring Eden is a network of young people working to become a grassroots movement for environmental stewardship in the U.S. and abroad. As a parachurch ministry, Restoring Eden is dedicated to encouraging faithful stewardship of the natural world as a biblical, moral, and wise value. Their work is divided into three categories: nature appreciation, environmental stewardship, and public advocacy.
Voices Together
PO Box 16721
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Voices Together is a non-profit organization that serves nearly 400 individuals with developmental disabilities in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Voices Together has developed an innovative approach that combines the proven therapeutic qualities of music, essential speech and communication and social integration training in the structure of a chorus for the purpose of bridging the gap between people with disabilities, their peers, families and communities.

Music & Mentorship
4225 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Music & Mentorship Program provides unique opportunities for community youth and families of diverse cultural groups to explore and develop their musical creativity, self-expression, and self-esteem through musical appreciation and instruction. M & M has created real and substantial change in Philadelphia communities by providing creative outlets for children and youth, strengthening diverse communities through cooperative arts education and helping to connect families to the resources they need.


Hands for Hope
P.O. Box 812198
Los Angeles, CA 90081

Hands for Hope is dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and instilling life-preparation skills by giving a hand of hope to youth and their families. Programs under the Hands for Hope umbrella are designed to simultaneously uplift the spirit and provide opportunities for enriching all children. Hands for Hope programs include exposure to professions and experiences that may not otherwise be known about by the participating youth. Hands for Hope also provides a support network to strengthen the single parent family and allow children of single parents to thrive. All programs feature original teaching methods by skilled professionals, emphasizing creativity and self-expression. Individualized attention will make each encounter rewarding and fun.


Theatre of Hearts / Youth First
672 S. Lafayette Park Place, Suite 47
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Theatre Of Hearts provides fine arts programming to under-served, at-risk youth throughout Los Angeles County, and strives to empower local communities through education in the arts. The Youth First/Artist-In-Residence Program addresses the diverse needs of youth ages 4-18 through customized, long-term, quality, multidisciplinary, standards based workshops in visual and performing arts. Every program is a model of inclusion, crossing lines of race and cultural difference. Programs reach children everywhere – in the heart of their neighborhood, schools, churches, community centers and libraries.


The Virginia Avenue Project
3000 Olympic Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404


The Virginia Avenue Project is a free, afterschool program that uses the performing arts in conjunction with long-term, one-on-one mentoring to help kids discover their full potential. Through a sequence of writing and performing programs, Virginia Avenue Project participants develop life skills and give voice to their creativity. The program offers year-long classes, workshops, and academic enrichment and tutoring that gives youth the experience of success and the self-confidence it inspires.


Detroit Lakes Public Schools
PO Box 766
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502


The grant was made specifically to support the instrumental band program in Detroit Lakes Public Schools and was funded through direct contributions from fans collected at the Rex Jam at 10K Lakes Festival.


Bridgeport School District Music Programs
45 Lyon Terrace, Rm 320 Bridgeport, CT 06604


The grant was made specifically to support the Bridgeport School District Music Programs and was funded through direct contributions from fans collected at the Rex Jam at the Gathering of the Vibes.


Sweet Home New Orleans (SHNO)
1201 Saint Phillip St.
New Orleans, LA  70116


Sweet Home New Orleans is a collective of non-profit agencies serving New Orleans musicians, Mardi Gras Indians and Social Aid & Pleasure Club members. SHNO is an umbrella organization that integrates the efforts of service providers and music institutions, to connect musicians to an array of services and provide direct assistance for housing.