Al Futransky

<p>Al Futransky</p>

Al Futransky

I originally got involved with the Rex Foundation because I was (am) a Deadhead and had been reading about benefits they were doing for the Rex Foundation.

I ran across a few articles in various publications (Relix, Golden Road, etc) that talked about the foundation. It was basically a trust that the Grateful Dead would not be involved in some sort of shaky, seedy group that led me to contribute.

After that I began to receive mailings from the Rex Foundation which verified what I felt from the beginning. This is a group doing the type of work I want to be a part of. I agree with the philosophy of donations to grass root organizations that provide services directly to people. I work with an at-risk population of students, and appreciate anyone who tries to help people in similar situations. Rex seems to find groups that do this.

People should get involved with the Rex Foundation because it is the type of organization one can be proud to be associated with.

Al Futransky, Mount Vernon, Illinois