Moonalice 2009 Spring Tour




Moonalice is proud to be a part of the Rex Musical Caravan once again, and will contribute $1 of each ticket sold to the Rex Foundation from all the shows of its upcoming tour through April 17.

According to Moonalice legend, the band will be playing a run from San Francisco to LA to Phoenix and Tucson, before heading east for a run from Virginia up to Massachusetts. East meets West as GE Smith, Jack Casady, Pete Sears, Barry Sless et al play music that will blow your mind. The band will release its first CD, produced by T Bone Burnett, on April 14.

Since its inception, the Rex Foundation has granted $8.4 million in small grants to over 1,000 recipients doing outstanding, on-the-ground-work toward a healthy environment, promotion of the arts, preserving indigenous cultures, helping others in need, providing education and building strong communities. The Rex Musical Caravan is a way to bring music and the community together to further what was started by the Grateful Dead.