Review: Rex Musical Caravan at Silver Oak Cellars 6-11-2009


In the heart of Napa Valley and  California viticulture is  Silver Oak Cellars, considered to be among the producers of the finest cabernet sauvignon in the world. The winery and vineyards are nestled between Route 29 and the Silverado Trail on Oakville Cross Road. Thanks to Executive Vice President and  Rex board member Tim Duncan, Silver Oak Cellars opened its doors to the  Rex Foundation’s Musical Caravan.

Rex board member Bob Weir performed with his own trio including bassist Rob Wasserman and drummer Jay Lane.

The extraordinary setting included a remarkable sunset that flowed into a bright view of the big dipper overhead while  Bob Weir,  Rob Wasserman,  Jay Lane and the  Taj Mahal Trio shredded the vines right off their roots. Excellent wine and delicious food were served all evening to several hundred Rex supporters at this intimate event.


The evening was an acoustic exploration of Grateful Dead Music, and Delta Blues with a smattering of World Music sprinkled in. The first trio was Weir, Wasserman and Lane who played for an hour or so improvising a jam so thoroughly delightful that the wine enthusiasts rated it a 99. The Taj Mahal Trio followed with no less than a 99.5 performance that jolted the laid back crowd to its feet and kept them dancing till the music stopped. Bobby Weir joined Taj for an eclectic set of songs.


Proceeds from this Rex Music Caravan event will benefit small non-profits in Napa Valley doing good work who fit the  Mission of the Rex Foundation.

Taj Mahal Trio performed with Rex board member Bob Weir. It was an extraordinary evening!