Rex invites Musicians, Bands and Promoters to get on Board the Rex Music Caravan

The Rex Foundation hopes you all get on board the Rex Music Caravan over the summer when you encounter a Rex Jam at the summer festivals or see one of the bands on the Music Caravan. Rex Jams are when one of the bands announces from the stage that “this is a Rex Jam segment”. Volunteers will walk through the crowd collecting donations that are granted to local music programs. The potential is that thousands of dollars will be donated to help children’s music programs in communities where the festivals are held. 10,000 Lakes and Gathering of the Vibes are festivals where you will encounter the Rex Foundation in a prominent grass roots fundraising role.
Various bands out on the highway are also on board the Music Caravan donating a small portion of each ticket sold and helping Rex identify worthy non-profits and individuals who are doing the good work that fits the Rex Foundation Mission. Taj Mahal, Bob Weir, The Dead, Dark Star Orchestra, Melvin Seals & JBG, Moonalice, and Steve Kimock’s Crazy Engine are just a few bands who are donating $1 from the ticket sales to the Rex Foundation. We encourage you to go out and see these bands which in turn will support their musical efforts along with supporting the Rex Foundation.
Are you a band or a musician who shares the values of the Rex Foundation? Whether you are an A list band or a bunch of Dead Heads jammin’ your hearts out, Get on Board and let us know if you want to support the Rex Music Caravan. We would love to work with you! Please email info@rexfoundation.org and tell us who you are and how to contact you. Use the phrase “Rex Music Caravan” in the subject line.
We also welcome the interest and participation of Promoters who want to associate with the good works that Rex Foundation has supported for the past 26 years. We can use your help and expertise to further the tremendous effort that has supported so many people and positively affected the human race and the planet in so many ways. Take a look at the extensive list of Rex Grantees to see what we’ve been doing.

In this short video, Rex Foundation board members, Nick Morgan and Carolyn Garcia with Sandy Sohcot, executive director talk about the impact the money raised from the Rex Jams at summer festivals has on music programs in communities where the festivals are held. Please take a few minutes to hear what they have to say. Thank you in advance… for supporting the Rex Foundation!