A Letter From Rex Executive Director Sandy Sohcot


August 1, 2009

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to provide you with the Rex Foundation’s 2008 Annual Report.

While we began 2009 with challenges similar to those of so many organizations affected by the contracting economy, we have been actively working to build funding for grant making in the fall and The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Project, as follows:

  • We just completed three Rex Jams at the All Good, 10,000 Lakes and Gathering of the Vibes Festivals to support each festival’s local area high school music programs.
  • We are planning a great Black Tie-Dye Ball with Dark Star Orchestra on September 25th in Portland, Oregon, among other events.
  • We are ready to launch a grant focus for Rex Musical Caravan events for the remainder of 2009: All funds raised will support creative arts programs of public schools and community based organizations or general grant making, and participating musicians can directly identify the grant recipients.
  • We are about to begin teacher training at two high schools in the Bay Area for The World As It Could Be project to integrate the creative arts in the teaching of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, along with a rite-of-passage celebration of each student accepting responsibility as a member of the global community to help manifest the Document’s words.
    • We have a $15,000 matching grant from The Libra Foundation, which once matched, will enable us to forge ahead at full speed.

We strive to be a vehicle for fun community connections and uplifting unique musical experiences for musicians and fans alike, while also raising funds for seed grants to smaller non-profits doing essential work.  Your involvement makes all the difference in our efforts.  Consider being part of our upcoming work:

  • Get on board the Rex Community Caravan with contributions of $5 or more;
  • Add your band or business to the Rex Musical Caravan with a ticket price add-on for one show or tour or in another creative way. Collaborate with us to support creative arts programs in public schools and community-based organizations;
  • Contribute to The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Project to help us reach the $15,000 match from The Libra Foundation.  Enable our team of outstanding non-profit creative and content experts to contribute curriculum that revitalizes the arts as part of education, while encouraging young people with exciting learning experiences to positively engage in their communities.

Thank you and best regards,

Sandy Sohcot