Rex Musical Caravan: A Community of Collaboration


Over the last 29 years, the Rex Foundation has provided over  1,200  small seed grants, totaling $8.9 million, to grassroots groups creating positive results in their communities, across the U.S and internationally. When Greenpeace and the Innocence Project were just getting started, Rex grants helped them grow. With support from Rex, Guitars Not Guns provided music classes for at-risk youth in underserved neighborhoods. Grieving families in the Middle East, both Israeli and Palestinian, were able to come together and forge community out of their common losses via Parents Circle, another Rex grantee. Endangered whooping cranes successfully learned to live in the wild and migrate, and, the San Quentin Mass Choir recorded gospel music inside their prison walls. Thanks to Rex supporters around the world, we’ve been able to help these and many other grassroots-level programs.

The Rex mission is to support smaller groups often overlooked or missed by larger, more mainstream funding, in the areas of the arts, the environment, justice, education, indigenous cultures, and helping develop strong communities. Originally formed by the Grateful Dead family and friends, the Rex Foundation has evolved, building connections with a wide range of supporters. We are proud of our history and our work, and we invite you to collaborate with us to expand upon it.

Whether you’re a musician, artist, designer, record label, publication, or small business owner, we’d like to work together with you in your own community, finding new, fun, mutually beneficial and gratifying ways to give back. We offer the Rex Foundation’s history, reputation and track record for excellence in grant making as your vehicle to carry out grassroots giving.

Here’s how the Rex Musical Caravan works:

  • You and Rex customize a donation arrangement, such as a small amount added to the price of your merchandise or service, designated as a contribution to the Rex Foundation.
  • Rex helps promote and publicize your fund-raising program or project via our email list, website, social networks and press releases.
  • We invite you to recommend grant recipients consistent with the Rex mission.

Get on board with the Rex Foundation to help build a broad network of ongoing collaborations that foster creativity, community spirit and connection while supporting the outstanding work of grassroots non-profit programs across the U.S. and beyond. Call us at (415) 561-3134, or email us at info@rexfoundation.org. We look forward to talking with you!