Well-Deserved Kudos for Dune Lankard


Sandy Sohcot of Rex (l) with Dune Lankard and Carol Hoover of the Eyak Preservation Council.

Now on the Rex Web site is a great article from Indian Country Today about Dune Lankard, the founder of Rex grantee Eyak Preservation Council (EPC).

This photograph of me with Dune Lankard and Carol Hoover, EPC Executive Director, was taken on August 10, 2009 at the 5-Mile House in Cordova, AK, home base of EPC. I had been visiting for four days, experiencing firsthand the positive force of Dune’s thinking and energy, as well as the vast and deep beauty that motivates his actions.

Reading the article inspired me to write more about my reflections on how Dune and the work of EPC connect with all of us seeking to do our part as members of the global community.

Let us know what you think about these reflections: Post your comments here or email us at info@rexfoundation.org. Thanks!

Sandy Sohcot