NYT Columnist Praises Rex Grantee


In a recent column, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof praised five “nifty, unknown charities” doing innovative work to combat global poverty.

Among them was 2001 Bill Graham Award recipient the Afghan Institute of Learning, of which Kristof says:

Afghan Institute of Learning, www.creatinghope.org, is an aid group run by Afghan women. It is led by Sakena Yacoobi, a force of nature who was educated in the United States, and it now serves 350,000 Afghan women and children annually.

Yacoobi runs education programs, training centers and clinics, emphasizing local buy-in and self-reliance. Western aid programs in Afghanistan have not always been successful, and my hunch is that if more aid had been routed through Afghan-managed programs like this, more would have been accomplished.

We’re proud to have been an early supporter of this fine organization, and join Mr. Kristof in saluting their work.