Rex Buttons! Something New on the Festival Scene…

rob and gina hunt

Rob and Gina Hunt on the festival circuit--with buttons for Rex!

One of the cool and inspiring things about Rex is the creative ways our supporters devise to help out.

Take Rob and Gina Hunt of Flagship Art in Reading, PA. Summer finds them out on the festival circuit selling arts and crafts, which gave them an idea: they came up with three specially designed Rex Foundation buttons that they’re selling  as fundraisers! (We hear response has been quite good so far, too…)

Rob says, “In 1976 when I jumped on the bus that led me to new places and many new friends through the years, I learned the true meaning of opening up my mind. The scene I was entering into was surrounded with support, sharing and giving, which were always expressed by Jerry in many different ways. Now, some 35 years later, my wife Gina and I are delighted to be part of the Rex Foundation, with all button proceeds going to help the community. We hope to see you this summer at the festivals–stop by the booth, say hello, and share some kind words. Let’s all jump on board the Rex Community Caravan and make the world a better place.”

Many thanks to Rob and Gina for their kind idea, and we wish everyone a happy festival season!