2011 Grantees

Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp
PO Box 1034
Bolinas, CA 94923
Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp Facebook page
The goal of the camp is to provide all local West Marin children with equal access to memorable summer camp experiences. Although camp fees are kept to a third the cost of similar camps, many area families are unable to pay even part. Therefore, tuition assistance is offered to all qualified families who wish to attend. Each day, kids participate in many activities including learning indigenous skills, games and sports, canoeing and kayaking; bike-riding and hiking in state and national parks; art; marine science and other nature studies; swimming and games on the beach; theater; dance and aerial arts; organic farming and natural food preparation; and camping and backpacking. The Rex grant provides funding for The Music Project for the Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp to provide additional activities in the form of music education for the campers, with emphasis on building community through music, especially through the rhythms of drumming.
Bread & Roses
233 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA  94925
Bread & Roses is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit by providing free, live, quality shows to people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society.Founded in 1974 by performer Mimi Farina, Bread and Roses brings free, live performances to people isolated in Bay Area institutions.  Over 500 shows are produced yearly for a total audience of 19,000 in convalescent homes, hospitals, AIDS facilities, homeless and senior centers, psychiatric, rehabilitation and correctional facilities, as well as centers for abused and neglected children.  Over 1,200 performing artists, from amateurs to professionals, donate their time and talents on an annual basis.
California Policy Project on Criminal Justice Reform
Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA  94305
The Stanford Criminal Justice Center’s (SCJC) areas of interest include criminal trial practice and procedure, institutional examination of the police and correctional systems, social science study of the origins of criminal behavior and methods of punishment, and criminal legislation and enforcement in areas ranging from drug crimes to federal white collar crimes. One major goal of the center is to encourage collaborative criminal justice policy development at the national, state, regional, and local levels by: promoting public/private partnerships between different levels of government in the criminal justice arena; creating opportunities for the use of social science research to aid in the development and implementation of empirically-validated, data-driven criminal justice programs and policies; and serving as a public service consultant to public officials at all levels of government.
Center for Digital Storytelling
1803 Martin Luther King Way
Berkeley,CA 94709
The grant supports a collaborative creative project between the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS), the California Film Institute (CFI) and the Rex Foundation.  The creative project involved Oakland, CA Mandela High School seniors, under the direction of CDS, creating and producing their own digital stories about environmental issues impacting their local communities, and how addressing these issues connect with furthering human rights.  Two of the digital stories were presented at CFI’s Environmental Youth Forum in February 2011. The collaboration came about as a result of both CDS and Mandela High School being involved in The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program.
Summer Brenner Book Project/Community Works West
1649 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA  94702
The Summer Brenner Book Project, a program of Community Works West, received a Rex grant to build on the success of Brenner’s book Richmond Tales, a lively local story for youth in Richmond, CA that related directly to their experience so as to: 1) Provide a common literary point of interest; 2) incorporate past eras of history and a vision of a future; 3) foster reading skills with vocabulary and decoding strategies embedded in the text; 4) contribute to the home libraries of some of the area’s poorest residences; and 5) inspire community discussions about reading.  The grant is to be used to produce similar “localized” books for low income, high risk areas of urban and rural communities in and around the Bay Area to help generate the same “outbreak of reading fever” as experienced in Richmond.
Dovetail Learning
825 Gravenstein Hwy. N. Ste 2
Sebastopol, CA  95472
The mission of Dovetail Learning is to build children’s capacity for resilience in life and in learning through personal awareness, self-mastery and empathy for others.  Dovetail believes that children are the hope for the future; that they possess an innate capacity to be flexible, responsible and peaceful.  Dovetail Learning is committed to helping all children access and express these traits by producing safe, respectful, kind and purpose-driven environments in the classroom, the family and in communities everywhere. Dovetail’s Toolbox Project curriculum, practices and methods provide support for children in grades K-6 in understanding and managing their own emotional, social and academic success.
Empowered by Light
21 Bayview Avenue
Larkspur, CA  94939
Empowered By Light (EBL) is committed to improving lives and the environment by encouraging the use of renewable energy technologies.  EBL’s first project: Solar: ZAMBIA, aims to help families living off the grid in rural Zambia who regularly pay for kerosene lighting and cellular phone charging services.  The project seeks to displace these costs by providing a clean, renewable solution – solar powered LED light and phone charging kits.  A key aspect of this project involves measuring the educational, financial and health impacts to better substantiate the usefulness of the renewable technologies in a rural, developing world context.
Fair Fund
P.O. Box 21656
Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 202.265.1505
FAIR Fund, a D.C. based international nonprofit organization, works to prevent human trafficking and sexual violence in the lives of youth, especially girls, around the world. FAIR Fund builds the capacity of communities to better identify and assist youth aged 11 to 24 who are at high risk or have been exploited via human trafficking and sexual violence. FAIR Fund has active programs in Bosnia, Chicago, Illinois, Serbia, Russia, Washington, D.C, and Uganda.  Educating youth about how to keep themselves safe from sexual violence and human trafficking is a critical step in ending youth trafficking and exploitation. FAIR Fund utilizes two core curriculums that focus on rights based education and building lasting relationships with high risk youth.
Hidden Wings
3385 Tivola Street
Santa Ynez, CA  93460
Hidden Wings is dedicated to elevating the gifts of young adults with autism, so that they might have a full and productive life in society.  Most high school graduates with autism are ill-prepared to face the challenges of the world.  Hidden Wings has embarked upon designing a post-secondary school, a unique college specifically designed for those on the autistic spectrum.  The school was created primarily by parents and gifted mentors.  The emphasis is on rigorous exercise, a predictable and loving environment, and intellectual stimulation based upon the unique gifts of every student.  Thus the goal is not the remediation of deficits but the cultivation of talents.
The Jazz & Democracy Project
The Jazz Heritage Center
1320 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA  94115
The Jazz & Democracy Project® (J&D) uses jazz as a metaphor to bring American democracy to life, enrich the study of U.S. History in elementary, middle, and high school, and inspire youth to become active, positive contributors to their community.
Students explore the importance of:  Listening, Critical Thinking, Voice, Choice, Preparation, Participation, Cooperation, Peaceful Negotiation, and America’s Classical Music . . . Jazz!
Preston High School
400 Preston Drive
Kingwood,WV 26537
The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at the All Good Festival and is to be used to further support the music department at Preston High School.
Sacramento Blues Society
PO Box 60580
Sacramento, CA 95860
The mission of the  Sacramento Blues Society (SBS) is to preserve and promote the indigenous American music known as the blues. This grant was awarded in support of the Society’s Blues In The Schools (BITS) program. Its mission is to give Sacramento-area youth an opportunity to participate in a dynamic interactive musical experience with professional musicians, which facilitates a lifelong passion for learning. The Blues In The Schools program brings students together with musicians, educators, storytellers, and other performers in a synergistic environment, for creating a free flowing exchange of the Blues experience.
Tiburon Salmon Institute
14 Juno Road
Tiburon, CA 94920
“Empowering Today’s Youth To Save Tomorrow’s Salmon”. The Tiburon Salmon Institute (TSI) teaches school-age youth about salmon, steelhead, and the stream, river and ocean habitats that we share with them. TSI’s programs include hands-on exhibits in classrooms, student-maintained rearing pens and conservation activities in the salmon-spawning creeks in Marin and Sonoma. Young people learn about the connectedness of nature to human experience and how to plan, execute, and complete a project raising the fish from eggs to fingerlings and releasing them into the Bay at the big annual community event “Kiss and Release Day”. Through exhibits, activities and projects, older research students learn responsibility and leadership, and obtain valuable experiences. It is TSI’S mission to teach the next generation to appreciate, protect, and conserve this beautiful, vital and endangered native fish, and equally importantly, the stream and ocean habitat they require. The Rex grant of $5,000 both supports this vital work and helped make possible a matched grant from the Belvedere Community Foundation, thereby significantly boosting the ability of TSI to advance its program.
UCSF Music Therapy Program
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
505 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco,CA 94143
Launched in May 2008, the music therapy program operates through the Child Life Department at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) Children’s Hospital. The program brings music therapists on staff at the hospital to use healing music as part of the treatment for youth patients.  The program has treated hundreds of children and their families, and has made a significant impact in reducing the stress, anxiety, boredom and loneliness related to hospitalization.  The Rex Foundation grant is not only supporting the program, but also helping maintain its operation in the face of severe budget cuts.
United Roots
PO Box 11567
Oakland, CA  94611
United Roots was born from the convergence of several East Bay organizations that collectively envisioned a youth-led movement to harness arts and media to promote unity and peace in neighborhoods struggling with violence. Today, United Roots operates programs in music and video production, along with dance, theater, youth leadership, and mindfulness trainings. The Center acts as a hub for some of the East Bay’s most cutting-edge youth and sustainability organizations, including founding partners Art in Action, Colored Ink, Community Rejuvenation Project, and Grind for the Green, along with collaborators BayPeace, Mind Body Awareness Project, and Urban Peace Movement.
Voice of Witness
849 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA  94110
Voice of Witness is a non-profit book series that empowers those most closely affected by contemporary social injustice. Using oral history as a foundation, the series depicts human rights crises around the world through the stories of the men and women who experience them.The mission is to:
– Empower those most closely affected by contemporary human rights injustices
– Engender greater awareness, discussion and action in response to these injustices
– Provide our readers—from high school students to educators, policy makers and advocates—with compelling, reality-based human rights documentation that can be used for teaching, training and advocacy.
Yolo County Children’s Alliance
600 A Street, Suite Y
David, CA 95616
The mission of the Yolo County Children’s Alliance (YCCA) is to assess, coordinate, maintain, and strengthen the continuum of prevention, intervention and rehabilitation services and resources for children, youth and their families.  YCCA was established as an essential services program at Alyce Norman Center in West Sacramento as a way of addressing a number of concerns that impacted children and families.  The Rex grant helps support the Children and Families’ Access to Food program that provides 150 low-income families with fresh fruits and vegetables and other food items each week. This program, threatened by recent state budget cuts, not only provides essential food and nutrition education, but also enables the Alliance to reach more families with additional support services.