A Holiday Message


Dear Friends,


The Rex Bus keeps rolling on, thanks to all of you! Photo by Susana Millman

Over these last few weeks I have personally experienced an extra charge of positive energy emanating from the spirit of community propelling Rex Foundation endeavors. At our December 3rd Run for the Roses Benefit, the musicians had everyone smiling and swaying throughout the night. The Fillmore glittered with beauty thanks to the remarkable work of dedicated Rex volunteers. We were friends stopping friends just to say hello and connect.

On December 10th, East Coast friends came together at the Hotel Beacon for a fun reception prior to the Hot Tuna show. Jorma Kaukonen graciously spoke about his appreciation for the Rex Ralph Gleason Award to his Fur Peace Ranch. Vanessa, Jorma’s wife, eloquently explained how the Rex grant was used to give hundreds of Appalachian youth access to music and culture that is otherwise lacking in their lives. The room, also made more beautiful thanks to Rex volunteers, radiated with the glow of smiling supporters expressing their thanks for being part of the occasion.

As we were involved in organizing and presenting these events, musicians, including Mysterytrain, Cubensis, and CRYPTICAL, who are part of the Rex Musical Caravan, were supporting Rex. We released Jerry Jams for Rex II, made possible because of the participating musicians contributing their live performances of Jerry Garcia songs. And, on December 2nd, Arroyo High School students once again put on their Town Hall to raise awareness about human rights in connection with The World As It Could Be Program.

The Rex Bus in the photo taken by Susana Millman at The Fillmore on December 3rd helps symbolize the very special community that we are – a broad base of like-minded souls connected by music and care to contribute positively to the world around us. We at Rex are grateful to be a vehicle to help connect the music community and beyond to the now $8.6 million in grant support to over 1,000 small grassroots organizations doing critically important work to protect the environment, support the arts, fight for social justice, and provide services to those most in need. Check out our website to see all that your support has already accomplished. You make the difference, as Rex does not have an endowment or any other source of on-going revenue outside of the fundraising events and initiatives that you support.

If you like what you see, consider a contribution to help us boost our grant making to many more worthy organizations. Here is the link to our contribution page where you can simply click the “Make a Donation” button or select among various options shown on this page and the column alongside to give yourself and others gifts while also supporting Rex.

Thank you! On behalf of everyone at the Rex Foundation, best wishes to you for a very happy holiday and New Year.

Best regards,

Sandy Sohcot
Executive Director