2012 Grantees

Arts and Healing Initiative
2626 33rd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
The mission of Arts and Healing Initiative (AHI) is to facilitate the use of the arts in the community as a vehicle for empowerment and transformation. Arts-based therapeutic programs offer accessible, nonverbal and universal tools for improving health by reducing stress and increasing social support – without the stigma of therapy. Programs offer a means of addressing the increasing societal health care burden from chronic diseases rooted in emotions and behavior. Arts-based therapeutic programs offer a humanizing complement to increasingly technological medical care, that can enhance the environment of medicine.
The Boiler Room
P.O. Box 1659
Port Townsend, WA 98368
The Boiler Room supports the creative expression and activities of youth and the young at heart in a safe environment free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. The Boiler Room empowers individuals to build and sustain healthy and diverse community with focus on service, positive skill development, mutual growth and the arts.
Bolinas/Stinson Youth Group
P.O. Box 249
Bolinas, CA 94924
Bolinas/Stinson Youth Group (BSYG) is an organization dedicated to serving the communities of Bolinas and Stinson Beach, California. “Sharing our Voices” is a singer-songwriting project supported and run by members of the Youth Group with the final vision of producing a CD, offering a rare opportunity for young women aged 11-23 to come together in a creative way. The process of creating a CD will teach a variety of life skills, from creating the songs themselves to sound engineering, editing, and mixing music, to copyright, packaging design, advertising and promotion, for an overall positive, creative experience. Through hard work and initiative, this group of young women will be empowered to claim ownership of this beautiful creation.
3246 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA 94116
ClownZero is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life for children and communities worldwide through humanitarian clowning and therapeutic performing arts. We believe that a clown personifies the humanity in all of us and is uniquely suited to communicate beyond barriers of age, race, culture or gender creating greater levels of human connectivity and emotional buoyancy. ClownZero Healing Through Humor Program is a pioneer outreach program created in association with UCSF Children’s Hospital. Hosted by UCSF, ClownZero is a team of professional performers and therapists dedicated to healing through humor, who work as clown doctors alongside Child Life Specialists and other hospital medical personnel. ClownZero clowns visit acutely and chronically ill patients, their families, and hospital staff, facilitating laughter and creating community through play.
Culture Jam
442 Lawrence Street
Eugene, OR 97401
The Culture Jam (CJ) is a program of the Oregon Country Fair. Culture Jam is an exciting 8-day, sleep away summer youth gathering located on a parcel of land at the site we call Alice’s Wonderland. The youth camp is based on the inspired Power of Hope (www.powerofhope.org) teen camp model created by Charlie Murphy and Peggy Taylor (www.pyeglobal.org). Culture Jam is a dynamic program where youth ages 14-18 discover their own sense of purpose and creative potential through high-energy, experiential, arts-centered programs. Young people have the unique opportunity to learn from and create meaningful relationships with adult social change activists, artists and nature educators who come to spend the week and share their expertise.
Diane di Prima
(2011 Ralph J. Gleason Award recipient)
Fellow Beat poet Michael McClure says: “In Diane di Prima’s luminous poetry, wars are against the flesh of living beings, the socially and personally enslaved, and consciousness itself…. Her music on the page reverberates in the voice and mind. .. Her impelling systems are in alchemical practices and science, as well as the core of Zen and Tibetan practices. There is no other poet like Diane di Prima.”
The Duke Ellington School of the Arts
3500 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
202-333-2555 ext 2102
The mission of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts is to nurture and inspire passion for arts and learning in talented students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to develop their artistic skills. Now in its 38th consecutive year of operations, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts enrolls 517 students who come from all wards in Washington DC. The school remains true to its mission, and actively seeks to diversify and balance its enrollment with students from various economic and social strata. Once students are admitted, they choose one of the eight arts majors: dance, instructional music, literary media & communications, museum studies, technical design and production, theatre, visual arts or vocal music. The Rex Foundation grant is made to the theatre department, through proceeds from “The Wheel,” a benefit concert held in Washington, DC in March of 2012. The theatre department is one of the more visible arts programs at Ellington, because several performances are produced at the school or in the Washington DC community. Even though Ellington theatre students are very talented and in demand, the department does not have the funding to support most of its scholastic programs.
Girls on the Run of Greater Sacramento
PO Box 19602
Sacramento, CA 95819
Girls on the Run was founded in 1993 by Molly Barker who, after years of questioning her self-worth and being defined by others, found the inspiration to create a solution. Her goal was to help girls recognize their extraordinary potential and thrive in a world that often sends unhealthy and unrealistic messages. Today, Girls on the Run is a life-changing experiential learning program for pre-teen girls throughout the nation. Over the course of 12 weeks Girls on the Run participants train for a 3.1 mile running event while also taking part in an interactive curriculum designed to address many aspects of girls’ development – their physical, emotional, social and mental well-being. Lessons provide girls with the tools to make positive, healthy decisions and avoid risky adolescent behaviors. The Greater Sacramento council of Girls on the Run was created in 2006, initially with three after-school programs. Today there are more than 20 campuses participating and a waiting list of school administrators, parents and volunteers who would like to bring new programs to their campus. Girls on the Run of Greater Sacramento is dedicated to serving girls in underprivileged communities as well as those in more affluent neighborhoods.
3104 W 29th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001
HeadCount is a grassroots organization that harnesses the power of music to promote voter registration and civic participation. We reach young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – to inform and empower. HeadCount was formed in early 2004, drawing inspiration from a quote by Hunter S. Thompson: “If every Deadhead in Florida had voted, the world would be a different place.” HeadCount began fielding volunteer street teams in most major cities, and entered affiliations with dozens of bands. It began as an all-volunteer effort in 2004, and by 2008 the organization was professionalized and hired a small fulltime staff, thus enabling it to branch out and tour with major acts. HeadCount has demonstrated its effectiveness in engaging large numbers of volunteers throughout the country to connect with tens of thousands music festival and concert goers, even in non-major election years. Its work, while continually important, is particularly relevant in this presidential election year, especially given the challenges being imposed to carry out voter registration.
Hidden Wings
3385 Tivola Street
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Hidden Wings is dedicated to elevating the gifts of young adults with autism, so that they might have a full and productive life in society.  Most high school graduates with autism are ill-prepared to face the challenges of the world.  Hidden Wings has embarked upon designing a post-secondary school, a unique college specifically designed for those on the autistic spectrum.  The school was created primarily by parents and gifted mentors.  The emphasis is on rigorous exercise, a predictable and loving environment, and intellectual stimulation based upon the unique gifts of every student.  Thus the goal is not the remediation of deficits but the cultivation of talents.
Inside Circle Foundation
PO Box 2614
Grass Valley, CA 95945
The Inside Circle Foundation (ICF) is a dedicated to the inner personal growth of men in prison. The goal of the ICF is to create environments in which prisoners can work and explore the issues in their lives that have prevented them from living up to their full potential as human beings. In these environments the ICF primarily utilizes self-help discussion groups and creative writing techniques such as journaling, autobiography, and poetry to achieve the inner development necessary to become healthy contributing members of our society.
Lakewood High School Music Department
9331 Lancer Road
Hebron, OH 43025
The Rex grant reflects the proceeds from the Rex Jam at the All Good Festival and is to be used to further support the music department at Lakewood High School.
Maya’s Music Therapy Fund
1731 Carleton Street
Berkeley, CA 94703
Maya’s Music Therapy Fund is an effective, small, independent non-profit organization in San Francisco’s East Bay. They develop and deliver music therapy programs to people with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, who suffer from a scarcity of services and resources. These programs are designed to improve communication skills, decrease inappropriate behavior, enhance social and motor skills, increase attention span, strengthen social and leisure skills, and assist with pain management and stress reduction. The vast majority of the clients come from very low income families or live in institutional settings and have no income at all. The services are provided at very low or no cost to the client.
Music 4 More
PO Box 44601
Baltimore, MD 21236
The mission of Music 4 More is to provide instruments and resources for music programs in schools and community programs. The primary focus is to repair and recycle donated musical instruments, purchase new instruments and schedule concerts in schools and VA hospitals. Launched to recycle instruments into local schools of Baltimore, the program has expanded to donate new and used instruments and perform concerts in 16 states. A new program starting this fall will kick off with a donation of instruments in 14 cites to benefit music therapy programs for Veterans through VA hospitals and other non profits that provide lessons directly to soldiers in need.
Robert Lundahl, Film Maker
“Who Are My People?”

Robert Lundahl was invited by four Native American Elders to tell the story of how the push for renewable energy is threatening to wipe out Native American sacred sites that are thousands of years old. The film strives to show that there are preferable alternatives and that all energy generation comes at a cost. In the process of documenting, the film discovers hundreds of geoglyphs, petroglyphs, altar sites, trails, mounds and other cultural features which are endangered due to utility scale development in the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The films depicts how corporate giants have met their match in a small group of Native American elders and how this controversy continues to boil over in the hottest desert on the planet.
Sacramento Blues Society for Blues in the Schools
Blues In The Schools program

PO Box 60580
Sacramento, CA 95860
The mission of the Sacramento Blues Society (SBS) is to preserve and promote the indigenous American music known as the blues. The Blues In The Schools (BITS) program mission is to give Sacramento-area youth an opportunity to participate in a dynamic interactive musical experience with professional musicians, which facilitates a lifelong passion for learning. The Blues In The Schools program brings students together with musicians, educators, storytellers, and other performers in a synergistic environment, for creating a free flowing exchange of the Blues experience.
San Francisco Mime Troupe – Youth Theater Project
855 Treat Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110
The primary goal of the SFMT’s Youth Theater Project is to use theater as a means to artistically express the opinions of young people on topics that are relevant to their lives in their schools and communities. The project promotes artistic expression, intellectual curiosity, and cross-cultural understanding as creative alternatives to drugs, gangs, prejudice, and hostility. The youth are chosen from different communities all over the Bay Area and are taught by a diverse team of teachers. The curriculum includes: team building exercises, burning issue discussions, story-telling, improvisation, character development, playwriting, and choreography. This experience increases the participant’s self-confidence, expands their world view, and leaves them inspired to continue using art as a means of personal and political expression. In addition the collaborative experience that the students gain provides a valuable addition to their life skills.
Tenderloin Tessie’s Holiday Dinners
Address: P.O. Box 420631
San Francisco, CA 94142
To provide a meal and friendship to those in need: We are a non-judgmental group of volunteers who are dedicated to providing a bountiful meal, a smile and a gift to all of our patrons in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District three times a year on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
322 Union Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
UnionDocs (UnDo) is a Center for Documentary Art that generates and shares big ideas, bringing together a diverse community of experimental media-makers, dedicated journalists, critical thinkers, and local partners on a search for urgent expressions of the human experience, practical perspectives on the world today, and compelling visions for the future. UnDo discovers powerful, thought-provoking works of non-fiction (film, video, sound, photography, oral history, printed word, and performance) and presents over 100 public events each year, attracting people from across and beyond New York City.  In designing collaborative projects, UnDo brings together 20th Century documentary practice and contemporary networked culture.  Through its website, UnDo’s participants hope to share the ideas brewing at its space with the widest possible audience.
Voices Together
PO Box 16721
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Voices Together is an innovative and evidence-based education model that uses music as a tool to jump start language and social connections in students with autistic challenges. The program literally gives voice to each student in the program and provides a full hour-long interactive experience where students sometimes speak for the first time or reach out to a peer for the first time. Founded in 2006, Voices Together annually serves over 400 children and adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities through an innovative educational model that is music-based. We facilitate these unique group sessions in the community and the six school districts in North Carolina. We use the structure of a chorus, the power and engagement of music combined with the evidence-based techniques of therapy and education creating a safe, motivational space for transformational learning.

The following grants were made from the proceeds of Rex’s A Buck Dancer’s Choice benefit at the Fillmore on December 1, 2013.

Arm-of-the-Sea Productions, Inc.
The mission of Arm-of-the-Sea Theater is to enrich the cultural life of communities throughout New York’s Hudson Valley with beautiful and thought provoking works of mask and puppet theater. Productions combine visual storytelling with live music, and fuse the arts, natural sciences, history and current events into multi-layered performances accessible to audience of many ages. Some shows are presented in both Spanish and English. Arm-of-the-Sea is best known for shows that illuminate links between human communities and the life-support processes of the planet.
Cascadia Wildlands
Cascadia Wildlands protects the most-threatened landscapes and wildlife in Cascadia (an area defined by the watersheds that drain the Pacific Northwest from northern California to South-central Alaska). The organization has protected millions of acres of wild forests, prevented endangered wildlife from reaching extinction, stopped plans to dam free-flowing rivers, and, most significantly, shifted the overall management priorities for millions of acres of public forests from one based on commercial extraction to one based on restoration. The mission is to educate, agitate, and inspire a movement to protect and restore wild ecosystems, envisioning vast old-growth forests, rivers full of wild salmon, wolves howling in the backcountry, and vibrant communities sustained by the unique landscapes of the Cascadia Bioregion.
Crossing Borders Project
A project of Eyes and Ears Foundation

The Crossing Borders Project is designed to foster musical and cultural awareness and diversity in the Bay Area by making it possible for musicians from other cultures to travel to the Bay Area and share their unique talents and cultural perspectives. Crossing Borders will help defer travel costs to the musicians and provide promotion and production assistance. The organization’s support will build a bridge across borders that otherwise limit the flow of diverse and unique musical and cultural experiences. By removing obstacles it will be possible for traveling artists to get a foothold in the area, provide a wider spectrum of experience for locals, and make the Bay Area a more desirable destination for both musicians and music lovers.
Klamath Riverkeeper
The specific campaign goals of Klamath Riverkeeper (KR) are to prevent dewatering of rivers and streams, reduce pollution, and remove four K Klamath River dams in what will be the largest dam removal project in history. To advance the campaigns, KR uses a combination of legal, policy, scientific, and grassroots organizing tools. Klamath Riverkeeper has a small, but dedicated professional staff and an active, diverse board of directors that includes members of the four largest Klamath Basin tribes, conservationists, landowners, and sport-fishing enthusiasts. The four tribes that work with KR are Karuk, Hoopa, Yurok and the Klamath Tribes. Much of KR’s success is due to the fact that they have built the largest network of grassroots allies in the Klamath River Basin. These volunteers and members can be mobilized at key times to, among other things, testify at meetings, write public comments and letters to the editor, staff booths at fairs and conferences, and call elected representatives.
New Line Theatre
Now in its 22nd season, New Line Theatre, of St. Louis, Missouri, is the only professional alternative musical theatre company in the country, involving the people of the region in the exploration and creation of socially and politically relevant works of musical theatre – daring, muscular, adult theatre about politics, sex, race, the media, violence, obscenity, art, religion, and other contemporary issues. The artists of New Line believe live theatre is one of the most powerful tools in the world for social and political change, and believe they have an obligation to use that tool to make the world a better place and engage the people of the region in discussions about the issues of our times. The musical theatre is one of the few indigenous American art forms, one of America’s greatest artistic gifts to the world, and New Line treats it with the seriousness, respect, humor, and joy that it deserves.
StoveTeam International
StoveTeam International assists families in Latin America by promoting the local production of safe, affordable, fuel-efficient stoves to solve medical and ecological problems caused by traditional cookstoves and open fires. StoveTeam International began when Nancy Hughes, its founder participated in a medical mission to Guatemala in 2003. During that trip, she met women and children who had suffered debilitating burns from their open cooking fires, and babies who died because their throats were so coated with creosote that they could not be intubated. She decided she had to do something to prevent such tragedies from occurring. The next year she returned with a ‘stove team’ that installed safe, fuel-efficient cookstoves in families’ homes. By 2007, StoveTeam had designed a new stove, the portable Ecocina that did not require a chimney or installation. They developed a model to create local stove factories in developing countries so that local people could make and distribute fuel-efficient stoves and create sustainable businesses in the process. Since then StoveTeam has become a non-profit organization and has helped local entrepreneurs establish six factories in five countries. These self-sustaining businesses have produced more than 30,000 affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves to replace dangerous open cooking fires, positively impacting the lives of over 180,000 people in Latin America. Currently StoveTeam is in the process of helping to establish three more factories in Mexico, where 27 million people cook over open fires.
Tangible Hope
The mission of Tangible Hope is to empower and protect young girls in Ethiopia by advancing their human rights through education, health care and nutrition; thereby creating a generation of women who can lift the next generation out of poverty and into a world of opportunity. Tangible Hope was founded by a native of Ethiopia whose path took her full circle back to her home country to look for a higher purpose in her life. She found it in the eyes of a little girl, living and working in hardship along side her mother who did housework. She was determined to send that girl to school. That was the beginning, and now Tangible Hope’s sponsorship program is educating 50 girls, with 50 additional girls identified and on the waiting list for sponsorship. The local community chooses the girls based on greatest need. Rather than doing the usual physical labor, these young girls will be provided with after school tutoring, computer education, hygiene, nutrition, and a sustainable organic garden. Above all they will be protected and given follow up to ensure their personal and academic success.
The Litquake Foundation
Litquake’s mission is to foster interest in literature, to perpetuate a sense of literary community, and to host a vibrant forum for writing from the Bay Area and beyond.

Litquake accomplishes this through a variety of channels:

1) A 9-day festival each October at venues primarily located in San Francisco, and also at venues in the greater Bay Area. Festival attendance in 2011 was 16,500.

2) The annual Barbary Coast Award, given to an author or literary organization that has contributed to the thriving Bay Area literary community

3) A once- or twice-monthly free literary salon series in San Francisco called The Epicenter

4) An in-schools program, Kidquake in the Schools, that brings authors to 10 public elementary schools in San Francisco each year and gives each student a book by the presenting author

5) Lit Crawl events produced in New York, Austin, and Seattle, with Litquake branding

6) A free literary podcast, called LitCast, available free through iTunes and LibSyn.

The following grants were made with the funds raised at the Hot Tuna concert at the Beacon in NYC December 1, 2012.

Added Value
370 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Added Value’s mission is to promote the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders by creating opportunities for the youth of South Brooklyn to expand their knowledge base, develop new skills and positively engage with their community through the operation of a socially responsible urban farming enterprise. Added Value provides a comprehensive framework for youth intervention that begins in the first grade, extends into high schools and afterschool settings, providing a foundation of skills, knowledge and experience to prepare them for employment and enable them to access higher education.
Mama Foundation for the Arts
The Mama Foundation is a nationally recognized organization whose mission is to present, preserve and promote the history and fundamentals of gospel, jazz and rhythm and blues music for current and future generations. Its best known and most important program is its Gospel for Teens effort, which annually serves 300 young people, ages 13 to 19, from low-income families in Harlem and other minority communities throughout New York City. This free afterschool program provides rigorous training in vocal technique; history and instruction on the evolution of gospel music, as well as performances throughout the metropolitan area teaching teens about music’s heritage while improving the discipline, focus and teamwork needed to compete academically.
Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation (OBCDC)
434 Beach 54th St
Arverne, NY 11692
Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) improves the quality of life for the residents of the Rockaway peninsula, one of the most depressed areas in New York State. Generations have become entrenched in poverty in this isolated community, so that young people are no longer able to see goals for themselves that are different from what their parents experienced. OBCDC focuses on the 10,000 residents in five public housing developments to help the community revive their hopes and to help them reach for goals to improve their outcomes and take part in the Rockaway peninsula’s revitalization.

The following grants were made on behalf of The WaterWheel Foundation, a charitable arm of the band Phish, and represent proceeds from the Foundation’s 15th anniversary event in San Francisco on August 18, 2012. The Rex Foundation was asked to recommend local programs to be supported by the proceeds. The grants reflect the mutual desire of the Rex Foundation and The WaterWheel Foundation to recognize each grantee’s outstanding work in the community.

Planting Justice Transform Your Yard Program in partnership with the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin
996B 62nd St.
Oakland, CA 94608
Transform your Yard Program is a full time edible landscaping service for private residents in the Bay Area with a social justice mission that returns the economic surplus. The program enables Planting Justice to create living wage green jobs for former prisoners. This grant supports Planting Justice working in collaboration with the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin Prison to provide men leaving that program and prison with part-time, living wage jobs to help them get on their feet as they search for full-time employment.
Project Avary
385 Bel Marin Keys Blvd
Novato, CA 94949
Project Avary is committed to improving the life outcomes among children who through no fault of their own find themselves at risk because a parent has been imprisoned. Project Avary offers children and teens a sense of belonging within a community of peers and supportive adults where they learn and apply the emotional, social and life skills that are essential for healthy young adulthood.
Red Poppy Art House
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
As a neighborhood micro-center for artistic and intercultural life in San Francisco, the Red Poppy Art House demonstrates the unique, powerful and irreplaceable capacity of small and intimate spaces to act as an alternative model for engagement in the arts. Red Poppy offers hundreds of impressive performances, exhibitions and family arts experiences each year, facilitating relationships among cultural communities, arts advocates and artists
Willow Creek Academy Music Program
33 Buchanan St
Sausalito, CA 94965
Willow Creek has a clear commitment to arts education, and providing a music program is part of their Charter Document. The music curriculum is shaped using research that demonstrates how students who have concentrated experiences with the arts develop skills and knowledge that assist them in becoming stronger students in their other studies. Willow Creek students gain a holistic appreciation for music from all over the world, engage in group performance and learn individual skills in voice and playing instruments in a non-competitive, child-centered learning environment.