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On December 3, 2011 at The Fillmore in San Francisco, the Rex Foundation presented the benefit concert Run for the Roses to celebrate the music of Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter and the Jerry Garcia Band.

With this compilation of selected tracks from each set, we are able to make the evening’s unique musical experience available to people who could not attend the concert, as well as extend the reach of the benefit so as to provide additional charitable support to the Rex Foundation. This compilation is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of music, talent and resources of the participating artists, as well as the people involved in producing the benefit concert and album.

TRACK DETAILS (All songs by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter unless noted)

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Now available on CD and download, selections from the unforgettable December 3, 2011 concert at the Fillmore of Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter tunes in support of Rex!

Opening Set: Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips, with Nicki Bluhm, Dan Eisenberg, and Scott Thunes

1. Bird Song 5:58

2. Tennessee Jed 7:28

3. Brown-Eyed Women 5:19

4. Brokedown Palace 5:27

Jerry Garcia Band Tribute Set: Greg Anton, Sunshine (Garcia) Becker, John Kadlecik, Melvin Seals, Mike Sugar, standing in for Robin Sylvester

1. Run For the Roses 5:44

2. Givin’ Me The Business 5:54 (Robert Hunter/Greg Anton/John Kadlecik)

3. Mission in the Rain 7:12

4. Alabama Getaway 5:27

5. American Spring 5:31 (Robert Hunter/Greg Anton/John Kadlecik)

6. That’s What Love Will Make Us Do 8:50 (Marion/Banks/Thigpen)

7. Tangled Up In Blue 9:30 (Bob Dylan)

Everyone Orchestra Finale: Matt Butler, Musical Conductor, all musicians listed above, with Tim Carbone, Katy Gaughan and Special Guest John Morgan Kimock

1. Rex Jam 16:43

2. Deal 10:23

3. Conducted Jam 10:31

4. My Sisters and Brothers 8:15 (Charles Johnson)



All the artists, along with composers Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, Greg Anton, John Kadlecik, Bob Dylan, Charles Johnson, Eddie Marion, James Banks, and Henderson Jr. Thigpen

Rob Helmstetter, Graphic Artist, Foundations Design
Ice Nine Publishing
Brad Gregory Serling, nugs.net
Micah Gordon, nugs.net
Michael Wilson, Live sound/Recording Engineer

Bill Graham Presents:
Michael Bailey
Amie Bailey
Matt Lawsky
Jerry Garcia Family, LLC
Local 16 I.A.T.S.E.
Lee Scott Jr.
East Memphis Music Corp., administered by Irving Music, Inc. (BMI), 100% o/b/o Eddie Marion, James Banks, and Henderson Jr. Thigpen for “That’s What Love Will Make Us Do”
Ram’s Horn Music for use of “Tangled Up in Blue”
Duchess Music Corp., administered by Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI) 100% o/b/o Charles B. Johnson for use of “My Sisters and Brothers”