Remembering David Large

David Large photo

David Large, a longtime, steadfast Rex volunteer, passed away in September, 2012.

On Friday, September 28, 2012 David Large passed away, having courageously challenged pancreatic cancer over the last two years.  Since 2002 and until his diagnosis, David had steadfastly volunteered for the Rex Foundation.

David applied his academic prowess, writing skills, care for the community and continuous quest to learn more, to help put together features for Rex newsletters, as well as to write in-depth articles about Rex grantees for our Food for Thought website feature.  In preparation for each Food for Thought feature, David researched the organization and its work, sought out additional reference material to augment his own understanding of the issues, and then interviewed the organization leader(s).  Click here to see all references to David’s contributions, including the listing of the Food for Thought articles that not only continue to be meaningful, but also convey David’s depth of effort.

David also helped prepare write-ups about The World As It Could Be Program to support the preparation of funding proposals.  What was always so meaningful to me was David’s excitement and care, whether in learning more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or gaining new insights about the significance of the work of each grantee.

In addition to his research and writing contributions, David volunteered for Rex events.  I can picture him working all afternoon at the Rex office putting ribbons through laminates, and commenting with his wry humor about all that goes into preparing for a benefit.  David has been a cherished personal friend and an invaluable contributor to Rex.

With sadness and gratitude,
Sandy Sohcot