HeadCount Reports ‘Best Year Ever’


This just in from Andy Bernstein, Executive Director  of Rex grantee HeadCount:

Hi Sandy!

I just wanted to thank you and everyone on the Rex board for supporting HeadCount this year.

It turned out to be our BEST YEAR EVER. We registered 103,307 people—about one third in the field and the rest online. I just found out we generated even more registrations online than MTV!

I did a  full run-down of our 2012 here. And if you just want some quick highlights, here’s what stands out in my mind:

– On National Voter Registration Day, over 200 musicians/entertainers posted their photos holding HeadCount “register to vote” clipboards on social media, leading to 40,000 registrations
– It was our most diverse outreach ever, including community events, hip-hop tours, key partnerships and new personnel that helped us reach emerging majority voters.
– We partnered with NAACP, Do Something! GLAAD, The ONE Campaign, REVERB, Air Traffic Control as well as many of the top organizations in the voter registration sector.
– We went on the road with Dave Matthews Band, J. Cole, Wilco, Phish and Furthur, and serviced 100 other bands through our local volunteer network. This totaled nearly 1,200 events!
– The Bridge Session TRI Studios webcast on Yahoo! Music (featuring political discussion, members of The National and some dude named Bob Weir) generated over 2 million views
– MTV profiled one of our volunteers in a 30-second commercial: (clip here)
– Corporate sponsors Magic Hat Brewing Co., Patagonia and Volkswagen all staged successful, pro-social consumer promotions via partnerships with HeadCount.

I think next year we’re poised to think bigger and move well beyond elections—the direction we’ve always been headed.

Please stay in touch, and THANK YOU again.



Congratulations and well done! Thanks to all who helped in the effort, as well as all those who registered and voted!