Jerry Bobbleheads Meet World Series Trophies

Rosallie, Barry, Jerry bobbleheads and World Series trophies

Rex board member Rosalie Howarth, husband Barry Howarth, and the 2010 and 2012 Jerry Garcia bobbleheads with one of  the SF Giants World Series trophies.

Rex board member Rosalie Howarth and husband Barry are, of course, big Giants fans. So when they got their photo taken with the Giants World Series trophies, it seemed only right to bring along the Jerry Garcia bobbleheads from the 2010 and 2012 ballpark events.

After all, as Barry points out, there seems to be some connection between those bobbleheads and Series triumphs. Coincidence? Perhaps…

Barry’s report:

In 2010, I went to one Giants game, which had a Rex benefit, and I received a Garcia bobblehead.  The Giants go on to win the World Series.

Didn’t make it to any games in 2011. Giants did not go to the World Series.

In 2012, I again went to only one Giants game, which also had a Rex benefit, and I received another Garcia bobblehead.  Giants go on to win the World Series again.

Are the Jerry Garcia bobbleheads the mojo the Giants need to win a World Series? Can’t risk not doing it again next year, can we?

Barry and Rosalie Howarth