A Rockin’ NYE!


They rocked past dawn to ring in the new year in Pennsylvania—and we’re very grateful to Rob and Gina Hunt of Flagship Music, the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Mysterytrain, and the End of the World Party for their generosity and hard work in raising funds for Rex. Here’s Rob’s report:

We had such a good night for New Year’s. The night started with a local band named Pan; they set the mood with their original songs. The MiZ band did a 2-1/2 hour set, with Mookie Siegel, Buddy Cage and Johnny Markowski sitting in for a wonderful set.

Then the New Riders hit the stage with such energy. Many hardcore Riders fans were saying the band was playing better than they have seen in awhile.

Toast did a great job with counting down the time and bringing in the new year, which only he can do. After we brought in the new year, Krow & DeLacey did a moving set on the New Riders break; then the Riders came back on with a 2 hour set, and the place never let up dancin’ and swaying to the end.

A positive Toast came on stage saying they want to do this again next year with Flagship Music—and bring a friend to share in this great event.

As we hit the morning hours, Mysterytrain, a Rex Caravan supporter, kept the house dancin’ till 8 a.m. There were smiles from start to finish; it seemed no one wanted the vibe to end.

Check out these photos of the event ( © 2012, Vernon Webb; Photography by Vernon Webb)