The World As It Could Be: Rites of Passage, March 4



Frederick marx

The World As It Could Be presents “Hoop Dreams” producer/director Frederick Marx, talking about his current project on rites of passage,  March 4 in SF.

The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program invites you to a special presentation at Balboa High School in San Francisco on March 4, 2013. Featured speaker is noted Hoop Dreams producer/director Frederick Marks, who’ll talk about his current project.

Says Rex Foundation Executive Director Sandy Sohcot: “I had the pleasure of meeting Frederick Marx several months ago. When I described the work of The World As It Could Be Program, including a culminating presentation as a rite-of-passage type of experience, Frederick told me about the extensive work he has been doing on the importance of rites of passage for the health of our youth and communities. He is now bringing to light this work in his documentary film Rites of Passage—The Right of Every Child Born, of which a preliminary trailer is available for viewing.

“I thought it would be important for the people we connect with via The World As It Could Be Program to have access to his information, including seeing the filmwork he has developed. I also want to use the second part of the evening to begin what I hope will be a continuing action-oriented discussion on how to use Frederick’s information, along with The World As It Could Be curriculum and related educational tools, to engage students to fully participate in the type of analysis and critical thinking, as well as personal and civic action, so as to be a helpful part of the national conversation now taking place about violence and guns, which seems to me to be a ‘moment-in-time-opportunity’ for positive social change.”

Admission to this event is free, but space is limited, so RSVP as soon as possible. Get the details and download the invitation/registration form here.