Keller Williams Releases ‘KEYS’ for Rex

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Keller Williams turns to the piano for KEYS, whose proceeds benefit Rex.

Hear “Terrapin Station”

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Musician Keller Williams has been a strong supporter of the Rex Foundation for many years. He’s done many a live show to raise funds, and he’s been generous as well with recorded tunes, most notably the REX: Live at the Fillmore release, commemorating a notable evening of music in Denver with Williams, Keith Moseley  of the String Cheese Incident, and Jeff Austin  of Yonder Mountain String Band.

Now, we’re happy to report, he’s back. On piano. With KEYS, a collection of 10 Grateful Dead tunes. It’ll be available for download on iTunes starting Tuesday, February 12–check out the track listing:

01. He’s Gone
02. Can’t Come Down
03. Terrapin Station
04. Attics Of My Life
05. Althea
06. Brokedown Palace
07. Wharf Rat
08. Bird Song
09. Row Jimmy
10. Touch of Grey

Keller says: “It’s no secret I have an unhealthy fascination with the Grateful Dead. Whenever I sit down at the piano it seems the only thing that comes out are Jerry ballads.  Even though these songs are not all Jerry ballads, I have sort of made them that way.  The lyrics, although I’ve been singing them most of my adult life, are not 100% perfect….like any other music I play, I’ve taken liberties.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these songs goes to support the Rex Foundation, which was started by the Grateful Dead, in the 80’s….so you can feel good about that!  Gratefully yours, Keller”