The Rex Foundation Receives Major Gift From the Estate of David Thorberson

David Thorberson

We’re honored by David Thorberson’s bequest to the Rex Foundation, and very grateful. Photo: Estate of David Thorberson.

The Rex Foundation is deeply honored and grateful to have been designated as the beneficiary of the estate of David Thorberson, a native of Oakland and resident of Orinda, California since 1969. David succumbed to cancer on October 3, 2012, at the far too young age of 55.  David had made sure that his personal affairs were in order, including, unbeknownst to us, naming Rex as the primary beneficiary of his estate. As a result, the organization recently received $550,000. This extraordinarily generous gift further enables the Rex Foundation in its charitable endeavors.

Along with several members of the Rex Foundation Board of Directors, I attended David’s memorial; we were enlightened to learn about his friends, his life’s philosophy, and enthusiasms. David was an avid fan of the Grateful Dead, having attended his first Dead show as a teenager in the mid 1970s and remained a Dead Head beyond the band’s performing history that ended in 1995. David found great solace as a Friend of August W. for 19 years. His passions included baseball and the spiritual works of Gurdjieff.  From the different items and photographs reflecting his life, as well as the stories his family and friends told, we came away with a deep sense of David’s kindness, sense of humor, spirit and care for all beings.

The Rex Foundation will avidly seek to identify appropriate ways through our grant making process to honor David and his commitment to community. We look forward to helping keep David Thorberson’s spirit present for many years to come.

With gratitude,

Sandy Sohcot, Executive Director, and the Board of the Rex Foundation