A Change at the Rex Foundation: Messages From Sandy Sohcot and Tim Duncan


A Message from Sandy Sohcot 

Dear Friends,

With gratitude for 12 years of what has been an exhilarating and deeply meaningful experience, I am writing to announce that I will be leaving my position of Executive Director of the Rex Foundation later this year.

My work began because the Rex Board wanted to see Rex continue to carry out its mission of funding grassroots programs to benefit the greater community even though the Grateful Dead were no longer touring and providing funding of Rex through Rex Benefit concerts. Today, thanks to your steadfast support and involvement, the Rex Foundation has a much stronger position as a source of charitable support for grassroots programs.  Rex has also become a greater vehicle for positive connections and a way to demonstrate the beneficial power of music and the arts. With this solid base to build upon, and exciting plans for creative initiatives, this is a good time for new energy to take Rex forward.

The Rex Board and I are collaboratively working on a plan to hire an Executive Director over the coming months.  Caring deeply about Rex, we are striving to make this a smooth and seamless transition. While working on this transition, we are continuing to organize benefit concerts while expanding the Rex Musical Caravan, and carrying out our ongoing endeavors, including a soon-to-be-published newsletter about the importance of the arts.

While change is never easy, I am continually heartened by the special connections with all of you as friends and collaborators.  The ties we’ve formed over these last 12 years are a major source of strength to help Rex successfully move forward for many years to come.  I am counting on your ongoing commitment and continued involvement as we embark on this next exciting journey.

As for myself, I will enthusiastically continue my association with Rex in whatever ways I can be most helpful.  I am also looking forward to focusing on the advancement of the educational program The World As It Could Be and its contributions to the Human Rights Education movement.

Looking forward to all that Rex will continue to contribute to the community, with deep appreciation for this opportunity to serve, I am,

Sandy Sohcot


A Message from Tim Duncan on Behalf of the Rex Foundation Board of Directors

The Rex Foundation board wants to thank Sandy for her tireless work on behalf of the organization. Sandy’s enthusiasm for Rex has served us well for the past 12 years.  Under Sandy’s leadership as our Executive Director, we have continued the inspirational work that the Grateful Dead began so many years ago.

We feel deep appreciation for Sandy and the dedication she has shown all of us and our community.  From all of us involved in and touched by Rex, thank you Sandy for keeping the spirit going!

The Rex board continues to be committed to meeting the challenges facing our local communities. We remain energized by all the support we have received and will strive to keep the spirit of Rex alive and growing. Stay in touch and keep the positive energy coming!

Tim Duncan
President of the Rex Foundation Board