Update: Mickey Hart’s Kempton Show to Help Friend in Need


The Mickey Hart Band, African Showboyz, and Mysterytrain roll the Rex Musical Caravan into Kempton, PA May 11.

The Rex Foundation wants to announce how contributions from the Flagship Music Productions May 11th show will be used to support Mickey Hart’s efforts to help his longtime musical friend and colleague Joe Bennett.

Recently, Mickey Hart learned about the challenges Joe Bennett was facing.  Joe reconnected with Mickey after watching the movie “The Music Never Stopped” and seeing that Mickey Hart was involved in work demonstrating the benefits of music therapy.  Joe wrote to Mickey let him know how much music therapy helped him, while also explaining the circumstances that required the therapy, described, as follows.

Joe is a Vietnam Air Force Veteran. He was an air traffic controller, guiding the planes in and out that carried Agent Orange. He had to walk the flight line daily in an area that is identified to have the 2nd most concentrated Agent Orange exposure in all of Vietnam. It is indisputable (even by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/ conditions/parkinsonsdisease.asp ) that Joe’s symptoms and multiple diseases are related to this exposure. Joe suffers from Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s-related dementia (“Lowy Body Dementia”), PTSD (his nightmares are of bodies floating up to planes), brain seizure disorder and tremors.  Though Joe and his family have been attempting to receive VA benefits that would enable Joe to receive needed medical support, they have not yet received the full level of benefits.  Joe and his family now face severe financial challenges that could include the loss of their home, while also dealing with Joe’s health issues.

Mickey Hart wants to help his friend in his time of need.  He also wants to raise awareness about both the challenges Vietnam veterans like Joe are facing, as well as the power of music therapy to help people with health issues like Joe’s.  All of us at the Rex Foundation, along with the folks at Flagship Music Productions, want to have the Rex Musical Caravan proceeds be contributed directly to Joe Bennett.

Check out the show details so that you can enjoy an outstanding musical experience featuring Rex board member Mickey Hart. Know that your support will directly help Joe Bennett, while also supporting the Rex Foundation’s efforts to demonstrate the power of the musical community to make a positive difference.

This  event happens at the covered, all-weather Kempton Music Center; besides the Mickey Hart Band and the African Showboyz, longtime Rex supporters Mysterytrain will play as well.

Doors open at 5:00 pm
Mickey Hart Band 7:30

Tickets are $39.50 in advance/$44.50 day of show. Get the details at www.kemptonmusiccenter.com

If you’d like to make a donation to help Joe, here’s the PayPal link.