Rex Newsletter #8: The Answer of Art


From the introduction:

Throughout history, creative essence breaks through the old to the new, offering new answers to societal problems. The Rex Foundation, itself founded by artists, seeks to shine light on the arts and the creative process, and the positive forces that result from their vitality.

This newsletter looks at the role of art in movements of change and the health of communities. We explore some features of this with the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart and Sarah Crowell of Destiny Arts, practitioners of music and art education as they are moving into new expressions today and guiding youth to help carry forward the answer of art.

Read what Mickey Hart and Sarah Crowell have to say on why art is essential in our lives. Excerpts:

Mickey Hart: “Art serves a purpose in the community, and inspires. It brings out the good, or exposes the good to more people so they can be inspired. I see it as a necessity, and that’s one reason why there’s music in every culture. There’s no culture that does not have its sound and its rhythm. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity for a good life. Good music, good art, good life. They’re totally linked, like the music and the dance. Music is controlled vibrations which connect us all to the larger and smaller rhythms that are all around us. We are embedded in a universe of vibrations/rhythms and music is our tuning system, connection to the vibrations that exist. Carl Sagan would say, ‘We are made of star stuff,’ even the carbon in our cheesecake was created from the cosmic soup we call the universe.”


Sarah Crowell: “For me it’s not about preaching, it’s about producing experiences and witnessing and holding space for the revelations to occur. It’s about how do we have this experience and share a real connection with each other? We may disagree about something, we may disagree about politics, around gun control or ways to deal with the environment, but if we are really connecting with each other on a kinesthetic level, connecting mind-body-spirit with each other, having an experience with each other, we can’t refute the power of that.”


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