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Barry Barnes on How the Grateful Dead Invented the Ice Bucket Challenge


In The Daily Beast, business professor Barry Barnes (author of Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Grateful Dead) holds forth on why the current ice-bucket fundraising craze is the latest version of something the Grateful Dead came up with years ago.

Says Barnes: “One of their outstanding characteristics was the way they lived their values, …continually supporting charitable causes throughout their 30-year career and beyond. From their very beginning the Dead played frequent benefit concerts and were known as a “soft touch” in San Francisco. One of their more memorable ones supported the Rainforest Action Network in 1988 at Madison Square Garden. ‘Something has to be done,’ Garcia said at the time. ‘And it’s incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.’ To better manage giving to charities they supported, the Dead created the Rex Foundation in 1984, which continues today and has given away nearly $9 million dollars to more than 1,200 recipients.” Read the full article here.