Standing on the Moon poster art detail by Darrin Brenner

Thanks to All Who Made
Standing on the Moon
So Great!


What a night! None of this memorable evening would have been possible without the contributions of many people, and we’d like to thank them here.

Also, check out the Standing on the Moon photo album! Thanks so much for supporting Rex.

Amy Helm and the Handsome Strangers
featuring Amy Helm, David Berger, Byron Isaacs and Daniel Littleton

Leftover Salmon
featuring Drew Emmitt, Greg Garrison, Vince Herman, Bill Payne, Alwyn Robinson and Andy Thorn

Event Production
Cameron Sears
Paige Clem

Silent Auction Oversight
Theresa Hayle, BEW Productions & Event Services

Ambiance Oversight
Jill McCoy
Zim Caroselli

Global Gourmet

Poster & Event Graphics Design
Darrin Brenner, D. Brenner Art & Design

Poster and Program Printing
Watermark Press
Special Thanks
Bill Graham Presents: Michael Bailey, Amie Bailey, Laura Greenberg, Matt Lawsky
and The Fillmore Staff
Greg Longacre
Mary Eisenhart
Freddy Hahne
Local 16 I.A.T. S. E
Ted Roby

Event Sponsors
Tim & Roo Duncan and Silver Oak Cellars
Brad Serling and
Maggie O’Donnel & Josh Floum

Rex Foundation Event Committee
Matt Butler
Barry Caplan
Andy Gadiel
Freddy Hahne
Nick Morgan
Cliff Palefsky
Nadia Prescher
Cameron Sears
John Scher

Rex Foundation Staff
Cameron Sears, Executive Director
Paige Clem, Project Manager
Chris Meharg, Office Administrator

In Kind Goods & Services
Jay Blakesberg Photography
Phil Coturri & Winery Sixteen 600
Stuart Levine Photography
Susana Millman Photography
Sterling Munksgard Photography
Silver Oak Cellars
Susan J. Weiand Photography
Scott Wiseman, Nitecat Media

Silent Auction Treasures
Jay Blakesberg
Tim Coggeshall
David Conely
Gloria & Vince DiBiase, VinGlo Arts
Hal Feiger
Debbie Gold
Barry & Rosalie Howarth
Iron Horse Vineyards
Stuart Levine Photography
Anne Elyse Linsky
Dennis McNally
Susana Millman Photography
Bob Minkin
Bill Murath
San Francisco Giants
Cameron Sears
Silver Oak Cellars
Chris Speer
Joe Torbert
Wavy Gravy

Frankie Accardi-Peri
Zim Caroselli
Aron Claassen
Doug Clifton
Lucrecia Fontes
Inez Garcia
Diane Gates
Sandra Gumpert
Bari Halperin
Neil Hampton
Michelle Hampshire
Larry Harris
Rose Hayes
Andrea Lodzieski
Gina Mangahas
Brian Markovitz
Joanna McCarver
Jill McCoy
William McGovern
Elise McRoberts
Debra Panasuk
Michael Peri
Maggie Pinzuti
Michelle Rogow
Leslie Roussan
Frederick Smith
Ed Spruiell
Robin Stalf
Leah Steinberg
Mike Taylor
Joan Valliant
Daki Venetoulis
Rob White
Dolores White