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Not Fade Away!


With all the celebrations around the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary, we’ve just heard from the folks at, who’ve taken on the mission of “Thanking the Grateful Dead for 50 Mind Bending Years!”

As part of this noble goal, they’re planning a few appearances of The Chant at the Fare Thee Well shows.

They’re also trying to generate the biggest-ever collective  donation to Rex in honor of the occasion. As they explain on their site:

As Grateful Dead fans, we would like to thank the boys for sharing their music with us for the last 50 years, and for creating a community of peace & love that has made us all part of the Grateful Dead family. Together, we have opened our minds, become kinder people and learned to live our lives more consciously.

We want to share our appreciation by organizing the largest ever collective donation to the Rex Foundation, on behalf of the Grateful Dead and its many fans. We ​hope that ​you ​will ​join ​us ​in ​sending ​a ​clear ​and ​unmistakable ​message: OUR LOVE WILL NOT FADE AWAY.

We’re touched and thrilled by this bit of grassroots support in the digital world, and we’re grateful to everyone involved for their kind hearts and generous spirits. Thanks so much — and tell your friends!

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