Trixie Garcia on Fare Thee Well, Rex, and the Future


As things wound down in the wake of the Fare Thee Well shows, Rex board member Trixie Garcia spoke with Glide Magazine about the big event, and also what’s next. Along the way, Rex came up for discussion. Excerpt:

Based on the last few weeks and the whole 50th anniversary, it seems like the Dead are more popular than ever now, which is kind of crazy. Do you think that visibility gives something like the Rex Foundation more longevity?

Of course it does. It broadens our whole reach for sure, and it’s a real treat to see a lot of people who were born since Jerry died at the shows and totally geeking out about the Grateful Dead. Another thing that was great about the shows was the whole multi-generational thing that was happening, you know, people coming with their grandkids or their mom.

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