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Announcing Our Latest Grantees!


We’re delighted to announce the recipients of this year’s second round of grants (see the February 2015 grantees here), as well as the 2015 Jerry Garcia Award. Thanks to our recipients for the great work they do, and thanks to you for helping us help them!


Jerry Garcia Award
Creative Alliance  $10,000

509 Cultural Center  $3,000
California Historical Radio Society $5,000
CITYPAK Project $5,000
The Clinic Without Walls $2,000
Creative Realization Group $5,000
Dance Palace $1,500
Human Needs Project $5,000
Human Rights Action Center $5,000
Journey Home Foundation $5,000
The Kareng Fund $5,000
Living Classrooms Foundation (Believe in Music Program) $5,000
Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region: Queen Beez Program $5,000
Parks & People Foundation $5,000
Road to Freedom Scholarships $5,000