How Sweet It Was! Thanks to All Who Made It Possible


Fillmore: Michael Bailey, Amie Bailey, Matt Lawsky

Event Coordinator: Theresa Hayle and B.E.W. Productions, Sarah Kaufman

Melvin Seals and JGB: Melvin Seals, Zack Nugent, Pete Lavezzoli,  John- Paul McLean, Sunshine Becker Garcia, Lady Chi, Dave Ellis
Michael Weinstein, Armando Tobriner

One Big Guitar: Bo Carper, Scott Law, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz
Jenna Lebowitz

Food: Global Gourmet

Wine: Silver Oak Winery, Twomey Winery and Winery Sixteen 600

Floral Arrangements: Jill McCoy, Zim Caroselli

Auction Coordination: Truth Wingfield

Auction Donations: Eileen Law, Silver Oak Winery, Winery Sixteen 600, Far Niente Winery, Tom Stack, Tony Reonegro, Bob Minkin, Susana Millman, Jay Blakesburg, Gary Houston, Hal Feiger, Tony Finnochio, Mountain Girl’s Botanica, Zim Caroselli, The Fillmore
Debbie Ratner/Bossa Nova, Luigi Petrone Piazza D’angelo, Katie Spawn

Poster Art: Darrin Brenner

Photos by Jay Blakesberg, Susana Millman, and Bob Minkin as noted.