volunteers assemble soup packets for distribution at food banks

Coming Together to Feed the Hungry in Boulder


Reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what’s in store, we’re happy to share a few scenes from last summer’s Feed the Hungry collaborative project at the Dead and Company shows in Boulder.

group of volunteers in Boulder

As you’ll recall, Rex was part of an effort by grantees Positive Legacy and Conscious Alliance to get delicious, nutritious soup kits to those who needed them most, via food banks in the area. The call went out for Dead & Company fans to give a few hourse before the Saturday show to help assemble the packets, with a goal of 2,000 meals (500 four-serving packets, designed for family meals). Lots of people answered, and a festive atmosphere ensued, with food, drink, and fine tunes by Kevin Watson and Sneezy.

Specifically designed to address the fact the people who deal with food insecurity also face a heavy load of diet-related health issues, these soup packets pack healthful, nutritious ingredients into airtight packages that stored well in food banks and were easy for families to prepare. And, as the volunteers sang and worked the hours away, they exceeded their goal and prepared  a grand total of 2,241 meals.

After the show, the soup packets went to Community Food Share in the Boulder Community, and to Conscious Alliance’s Food Bank on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Rex is proud to have taken part in this excellent effort, which is a classic example of the ripple effects that result from our being able to support the work of great organizations like Positive Legacy and Conscious Alliance. Thanks to you for making it all possible, and we look forward to more great projects in 2019!