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Announcing Our September 2019 Grantees!


We are delighted to share with you the recipients of our most recent grants! Read about them, and what they’re able to do thanks to your kindness and generosity.

1Hood group photo

1Hood Media 


1Hood Media’s mission is to build liberated communities through art, education and social justice. 1Hood Media aims to be the vehicle that will identify, develop and inspire those artists/activists destined to rise to the challenges we face today and use our talents and gifts to organize our communities for real change.

A New Direction Beverly Morgan Park



Founded in 2011 by a grassroots group of community members and professionals who saw a need to help women, men and children on Chicago’s far South Side in the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhoods and surrounding communities who are victims of domestic violence, after the primary agency closed, AND was created to serve the existing clients as well as new clients. AND’s mission is to provide counseling, education, support and advocacy to individuals and families affected by domestic violence.


bill cook with kids

Bill Cook Foundation


Bill Cook Foundation seeks to help some the world’s poorest children to get the best education possible. This particular grant will provide support for the girls in Casa Alianza, Guatemela City, who have lived violent lives in a world of sex trafficking. Giving them opportunities to express themselves, musical instruments and equipment will be provided. Music is education, therapy and enjoyment for these girls, finding joy and fulfillment in creating beautiful images and sounds.


Earth Team


Earth Team’s mission is to create innovative high school after-school systems that use project-based experiential education, skills development and the building of community connections to empower youth to become future environmental leaders, scientists, and stewards, or just better people that care for the environment and each other.


Farm to Pantry


farm to pantry workers in fieldFarm to Pantry nourishes those who are hungry or have limited access to nutritious produce by engaging volunteer gleaners to harvest, collect and deliver excess produce. Since 2008, over 200 tons of produces have been distributed weekly to more than 30 hunger relief agencies that provide food to those in need, to low income residents in our community and directly through our Farmacy Carts.

Farm to Pantry was founded on the belief that healthy food nurtures a healthy community. Farm to Pantry bridges the gap between abundance and need by gleaning, that is, harvesting produce that would otherwise go to waste at no cost to the farmer or homeowner, thereby reducing food waste and nourishing those who are affected by hunger or food insecurities.


singing kids at Kid Pan Alley

Kid Pan Alley


Kid Pan Alley is an arts organization that facilitates collaborative songwriting among children of all ages. Empowering and inspiring children to work together to become creators of their own music and culture, Kid Pan Alley was founded in 1999 by musician and composer Paul Reisler. Kid Pan Alley has worked with students as young as 4 and as old as 104.

This grant will be used towards Shared Stories, an intergenerational songwriting and storytelling program that invites the aging community to share their unique personal stories with school age children. Children learn about the rich history and the challenges and successes experienced by elders within their own community. The children then have the opportunity to create an original song inspired by the stories and perform their work for their school and community as the end of the residency week.

Music Heals International

Music Heals International provides free music education to children in Haiti impacted by poverty, natural disaster and disability. In a country where opportunity is scarce, MHI gives children the chance to engage, achieve and thrive through music education, providing opportunities to explore creative collaboration, self-expression and mastery. Students become engaged learners and leaders while experiencing personal growth and achievement through music programs that build community.

The Nomad Music Foundation


The Nomad Music Foundation activates the love between musicians and fans to aid children in crisis around the globe by teaching empowerment through music, art, fellowship and cultural awareness. Founded in 2017 by musician Jerry Joseph and Charlie Freeman to bring guitars to refugee children in warzones, and teach kids how to play.

The Other 98% Lab


Other 98% specializes in winning the battle of the story through meme warfare with some of the Internet’s most viral political content (videos, articles, memes, actions). We concentrate our firepower on Facebook, for 1.6 billion people are on Facebook every day, with 45% of Americans reporting they get their news primarily from Facebook. Funding will support to leverage Other 98%’s exceptionally large and highly engaged social media audience to promote information around climate change and the Green New Deal.

Ulster Immigrant Defense Network


ulster immigrant defense servicesThe Ulster Immigrant Defense Network is a grassroots, non-profit coalition formed by local faith communities and concerned residents to provide a network of safety and support for their immigrant friends and neighbors. To protect and support immigrant neighbors, and assist asylum seekers in the community, with pathways to citizenship. UIDN operates a helpline and staff’s an office with bilingual translators, provides assistance in assessing legal support, helps to fund bonds, offers “know your rights” trainings, maintains a rapid response team and distributes food and clothing, as well as providing transportation and accompaniment to court and ICE appointments to help prevent deportations.

Ultimate Impact, Inc.


Ultimate Impact is a youth development organization that uses the team and sport of ultimate Frisbee as the framework for providing youth from underrepresented communities with increased opportunities, confidence, communication abilities and conflict-resolution skills. Through weekly training sessions, peer interaction and consistent adult mentorship, Ultimate Impact creates a positive environment for youth to have fun, be active, improve athletic skills and build community.

Youth Beat videographers

Youth Beat


Youth Beat provides free digital media training, youth development and employment opportunities in the media industry for students in Oakland public schools. Youth Beat offers after-school film, animation and TV production classes in conjunction with Oakland Unified School District TV station KDOL, plus summer programs and paid internships. Classes are free and taught by accomplished media professionals.

Responding to the need to teach English in refugee camps around the world, this grant will be used to produce a series of instructional videos and written materials for those tasked with teaching English to ESL students in refugee camps and similar institutional settings. Youth Beat’s student editors will professionally edit the video content