Cameron Sears of the Rex Foundation

Thank You!
A Year-End Message From Rex


Greetings, Everyone!

As the year winds down (thankfully), I want to take a moment to share the deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that we have collectively accomplished in 2020. All of us here at the Rex Foundation would not have imagined the support extended to us at time when we and the organizations we support needed it most.

To our amazement and delight, this has been our most successful fundraising year in recent memory, thanks to you. Together we have risen to the challenge brought on by COVID and reimagined how we can support grassroots organizations promoting positive social change.


Daze Between and Ain’t No Time To Hate enabled us to raise significant funds that we have already begun to put to work with new grants, with more grants on the way. These events, and their rosters of artists ranging from longtime supporters to those who weren’t quite born yet when we lost Jerry, show the strength and resilience of our community. Once again, they demonstrated the power of music to bring us together and manifest some of the Rex community’s most positive attributes: compassion, empathy, healing, education and awareness.

We created the Rex Roadie Fund with our friends at Sweet Relief to help those who work in live entertainment and were adversely impacted financially by the pandemic. We collaborated with our friends at Little Kids Rock, who bring music education to kids who might not otherwise receive it, to make a video of “Touch of Grey.”

We made grants to organizations as far away as Kenya and Togo in Africa and as close by as the streets of San Francisco.

I encourage you to take a moment and look at the grants made since Rex was founded. There are close to 1,300 different organizations that you have helped support over the years, reflecting the great variety of beneficiaries who have helped make a positive impact on the world we all share.

We should all take pride in what we, as a diverse and geographically spread-out community, have impacted. Not only does the music motivate us and continue to thrive but so do we—a legacy of making a difference I can safely say is something we have all played a role in. Thank you for being there and doing it with us!