Meet Our First Grantees of 2021!


As the new year gets under way, we’re very happy to announce our first grantees of the year, and share with you what they’re working on. You make this possible, so thank you!

LEAF Global Arts logoLEAF Global Arts


This grant will support the efforts of Sumaili Nyange, a young refugee at Kakuma Refugee Camp, until recently the world’s largest. He writes music and directs short films with the limited resources he has. He uses his creativity to teach how to grow food sustainably, harvest water, and other life-sustaining permaculture-based practices. This gives hope and a sense of direction, and more tangibly, access to healthy food that is grown by the hands of the people living in the camp. With his band, the Ambassador Crew, Sumaili and his other talented young friends have created a few music videos that have been shared at the global Permayouth online festivals. This grant supports the establishment of a studio for this work.

LEAF Global Arts’ mission is to support the growth of an establishment of a youth-led music and video recording studio to help empower young musicians in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp, in the northwestern corner of Kenya, surrounded by Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan.



Musicians in SolidarityMusicians in Solidarity logo


This is a nascent effort in Portland to foster inclusiveness and equity in the music community. Current plans include providing free music lessons to kids in underserved communities;  helping industry professionals address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and a series of livestreams featuring artists of color in the Pacific Northwest. We’re proud to support them.

Musicians in Solidarity’s mission is to support the growth of an inclusive and supportive music industry that upholds equal rights for all people, fights against adverse discrimination, and actively works to create inclusive platforms and programming, operating from Portland, Oregon.


Woody Guthrie CoalitionWoodyFest logo


We join forces with the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation with matching grants to enable the Woody Guthrie Coalition to upgrade the backstage infrastructure for the beloved WoodyFest.

Woody Guthrie Coalition’s mission is preserving and promoting the legacy and music of Woodrow Wilson Guthrie through the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, as well as year-round cultural, musical, educational and scholarly community outreach events that relate to Woody Guthrie and folk music.