Board and Staff

The Rex Foundation has no paid board members. Virtually all of our grant recipients are selected through the personal knowledge of our decision makers – as a result, grant requests are not solicited. We have no application forms and no published guidelines. Grants are made once or twice a year, and our report is published annually.

Board of Directors
Bob Weir
Brad Serling
John Scher
Nadia Prescher
Cliff Palefsky
Maggie O’Donnell
Marc Morgenstern
Nick Morgan
Roger McNamee
Martin Knott
Rosalie Howarth
Mickey Hart
Freddy Hahne
Trixie Garcia
Carolyn Garcia
Andy Gadiel
Tim Duncan
Stefanie Coyote
Barry Caplan
Matt Butler
Diane Blagman
Advisory Board
Bill Walton
Tim Walther
Deborah Solomon
Sandy Sohcot
Sage Scully
John Leopold
Michael Klein
Jay Caauwe
Larry Brilliant
Bernie Bildman
Steve Bernstein
Dennis Alpert

Jon McIntire (d.2012)
Bill Graham (1984-d.1991)
Jerry Garcia (1984-d.1995)
Hal Kant (1984 – d.2008)
John Perry Barlow (1984-d. 2018)

Executive Director
Cameron Sears
Office Administration
Cassidy Sears