From 2002 to 2014, Rex Executive Director Sandy Sohcot, along with Alan Trist and other collaborators, produced a newsletter spotlighting topical issues, with interviews, profiles, and a look at the work of Rex grantees in a particular space.

old growth forest-National Park Service


August 2002  Newsletter #1: Perspectives on Environmental Activism

Bob Weir on old growth redwoods; Robert Hunter on “The Devil and the Trees,” Sandy Sohcot and Alan Trist interview Michael Klein of Forest Ethics and Randy Hayes of Rainforest Action Network.

August 2003   Newsletter #2: Perspectives on Community Engagement

Radical optimism from Peter Coyote, intentional community from Carolyn Garcia.

October 2004  Newsletter #3: Perpectives on Positive Culture

Rex at 20, the Oregon Country Fair, recent grantees and their work.

February 2006 Newsletter #4: Perspectives on Being Human

 John Perry Barlow on the Golden Rule, Susan Pritzker on human rights.

October 2007 -Newsletter #5: Perspectives on the Will to Change 

Jon McIntire on empathy and unity, Annette Gellert on green planning, Ken McNeely on broadband access.

October 2008  Newsletter #6: Perspectives on the World As It Could Be

Dune Lankard on feeding the circle, Ellen Sebastian Chang on a culture of humanity.

August 2010 – Newsletter #7:  Perspectives on Generosity of Spirit

Roger McNamee on choosing empathy over greed,  Pam David on the culture of fear, Rex grantees at work.

May 2013 – Newsletter #8: Perspectives on the Answer of Art

Mickey Hart on the impossibility of life with out art, Sarah Crowell on being in an era of creativity, Rex grantees in the arts.

November 2014 – Newsletter #9: Perspectives on Social Change

Cameron Sears and Nick Morgan on Rex’s origins in the social change movement, Hilary Bass and Marty Neideffer on generating social capital, Rex grantees working for social change.