OCT 02, 2013 in MILL VALLEY, CA @ The Outdoor Art Club

Peter Coyote in Mill Valley

Peter Coyote

Actor and environmentalist Peter Coyote speaks in Mill Valley October 2.

We just got word that Bay Area writer, Emmy-award winning actor and film narrator Peter Coyote (also the husband of Rex board member Stefanie Coyote) will be talking about “Living With Apex Predators” in Mill Valley on October 2.

Apex predators are predators with few to no predators of their own such as tigers, wolves and certain crocodiles, which reside at the top of their food chain.  Coyote is passionate about sustainable habitats and how to live side by side with apex predators. Joining him for the event, hosted by the Commonwealth Club, are  Project Coyote’s Executive Director Camilla Fox and Yellowstone Ecological Research Center’s Bob Crabtree.

Peter Coyote is a compelling speaker, and this is a rare chance to discuss these issues in an informal setting. Tickets here.