Project Avary

Bay Area’s Project Avary Takes Its Program Online


Rex Foundation has been a proud supporter of the Bay Area’s Project Avary since…well, since it was co-founded by Rex’s original Executive Director, Danny Rifkin, back in the ’90s. Since then, its programs have made a life-changing difference to many kids and teens with a parent in prison, with summer camp, mentoring relationships, and more. Youth participants who often felt alone and isolated connected with others going through the same experiencer, sharing support and forming an ongoing commumity.

The programs were locally based, and, like so many things in times of this ongoing pandemic that involved gathering with people outside your household, faced many challenges in 2020. But all that Zooming opened up new possibilities in addressing a request they got constantly: How can they help kids who don’t live in the Bay Area who find themselves going through the same traumatic times?

Launched in November 2020, Project Avary Online Program is open to kids and teens ages 10-15 anywhere in the U.S. who have an incarcerated parent. Groups will include 6-10 youth participants, two experienced adult facilitators, and a teenage junior counselor, all who have personal experience with parental incarceration. After completing the 6-week program, participants may apply to return for subsequent sessions, or apply for Avary’s teen leadership program, which supports youth to become leaders and counselors within the Avary community.

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