Little Kids Rock

Checking in With Little Kids Rock


David Wish with music students in Little Kids Rock program

We were happy to get this update from David Wish of Little Kids Rock, a great group and a brilliant idea that we’ve been proud to support.

Here’s what David has to say:

“Back in 2002, I left my job as an elementary school teacher (which I loved) to pursue a dream of bringing free instruments and lessons to low-income kids.  Equipped only with a passion for teaching children and a new, novel approach to teaching music, I founded a nonprofit and named it ‘Little Kids Rock.’

“When I thought about who might be interested in supporting the work of our fledgling nonprofit. it occurred to me that the Grateful Dead might really enjoy and support the concept.  I looked at their website and, to my delight, I learned of the work of the Rex Foundation.  I applied for support and the Rex Foundation provided us with some of our first  financial support. That was a HUGE win for our kids and our program. The funding, along with the prestige of being Rex Foundation Grantees. helped us get  our initial lift-off.

“In the beginning, when we were just getting started, it was a very small handful of  supporters who helped us begin to realize our dreams. The Rex Foundation’s support was instrumental (pun intended) at our inception and remains a source of inspiration and pride to this day.

“Today, Little Kids Rock is a leading nonprofit provider of direct instrumental music lessons in the US public schools. We have served over 850,000 low-income kids in over 5,000 schools. To our friends at the Rex Foundation, we will always be tremendously grateful for the kindness and support that you gave to our kids and our program. On behalf of all of us here at Little Kids Rock, our students, our teachers and our staff, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Learn more about Little Kids Rock here.

David Wish with music students