Music Heals International

Music Heals International Supports Haitian Communities in Pandemic


We’re delighted to share an update from Rex grantee Music Heals International. For some years now, MHI has been changing the lives of kids in Haiti with music instruction, as seen in this 2017 video documentary, Fingerprints.

Working with Little Kids Rock and Community Organized Relief Project, MHI is working to develop innovative music instruction programs in Haiti as the COVID-19 pandemic closes schools and increases isolation.

As social distancing, travel restrictions, and other safety precautions rule the day, MHI has taken the opportunity to launch Teach to Reach, a Peer Mentor program, in which senior students take responsibility for the music instruction of two kids in their neighborhoods. This allows the much-needed instruction to continue while observing necessary health precautions.

It’s also a great thing for the mentors as well as their students, as Program Officer Emmanuel Piervil observes: “As teachers, they will have to answer questions from the learners and find ways to overcome the challenges that teaching can bring. While the mentors teach, they will have the chance to experience another dimension of music.” 

Check out this video created by three talented Peer Mentors to help their communities overcome the pandemic.